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Shazzy Fitness Workouts Feature Christian Hip-Hop Music

Christian Hip Hop DancersOver the years, hip-hop music has grown from an underground genre to one of the most popular and profitable music genres around today.  Go into any city nightclub and you’ll find that most of the dance music is dominated by hip-hop beats, and similarly the most popular group fitness classes - including Hip-Hop Abs, CIZE and Zumba - all typically consist of choreographed aerobic exercises set to a mix of hip-hop music.

The popularity of hip-hop music has begun to gain traction in the Christian music genre as well. Gospel Music Association (GMA) published in a previous annual industry report that music statistics indicate Christian rock and Christian hip-hop/rap songs account for approximately 25% of all Gospel music sales, with Gospel music posting double-digit sales growth, which is only seen to rise as churches seek to grow membership by attracting and retaining youth and adults by employing diverse music ministries.

Bringing souls to Christ isn’t limited to a specific genre of music.  Christian hip-hop is here to stay....and Shazzy Fitness is glad about it!

Meet the Christian hip-hop artists featured in our dance workout DVDs:

Da’ T.R.U.T.H.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. - Christian Hip Hop ArtistReceiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at a very young age, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. listened to contemporary Christian music but never had an interest in rap music although finding elements of the culture appealing. He began playing drums as a teen and discovered a natural deft for rhyming when stumbling into free-style rap. This innate skill led to Da’ T.R.U.T.H. co-founding a Christian Hip Hop group NIV and acquiring the first moniker of Truth. From there the urban missionary was birthed.

Without God (Sample)

Beezy Brown

Beezy Brown - Christian Hip Hop ArtistDwight Brown aka Beezy started secular rap when he was 18 and put out several mix tapes and even signed to a local label called Bombshell records. In a turn of events he was set to sign with Universal Records but declined when informed of things his morals wouldn't allow him to accept. He then turned his attention inward and found that GOD was the one who had the answers he sought. While attending Living Rock Family Church the Pastor heard his music and suggested that he try Christian Rap and to pray about it.

I am a Believer (Sample)


E.DOT - Christian Hip Hop ArtistBorn and raised in Detroit, MI and now residing in Atlanta, GA, Earl "E.DOT" Hackney III has been producing for over 9 years and writing, performing and rapping for over 13 years. He has developed his style over the years by working with various producers, artists, and engineers who bring numerous amounts of flavors to the music world. E.dot has recently crossed over from the rap/hip-hop Genre to the Christian Rap genre. Once he received the calling of the Lord on his life, E.Dot has not looked back. 

Let's Go (Sample)

Jai (pronounced Jay)

Jai - Christian Hip Hop ArtistJai, of St. Louis Missouri, is a third generation minister, a worship Pastor, an entrepreneur, a student, a wife and a mother. At an early age Jai knew that music would somehow be a part of her life. By the age of nine Jai was a key player in the music ministry and by the age of eighteen she became the minister of music. With more than 20 years in the field of ministry, Jai has served as a Youth Pastor, Retreat and Conference Facilitator, Speaker, Teacher, Minister of Music and featured guest in churches worldwide.

Dancing For You (Sample)


Saiah - Christian Hip Hop ArtistSaiah’s music can be described as a fresh sound for the Hip Hop genre with creative wordplay, lyrical content and hip, original beats. With two independently released albums already under his belt, EVOLUTION and WHO?, Saiah’s third album, HIDDEN TREASURE, was released on April 1, 2011. Singles from all albums been made a part of the repertoire of various internet radio stations, college radio stations and DJ's around the world while hits like “Turn It Up” and “The Blanks” from his current release, HIDDEN TREASURE, are increasing the reach of Saiah’s growing fanbase.

Church (Sample)

PeeDee Wright

PeeDee Wright - Christian Hip Hop ArtistBorn in Kansas City, Missouri in 1989, PeeDee started writing music at 8 years old. By the time he was 16 he realized that he needed to start making beats because he could not afford to buy them. This was the beginning of His Swag Productions. Raised under very spiritual parents, PeeDee started out his musical career doing gospel music. His first record deal was with Kingdom City Records. After his contract expired, he moved to the east coast and began to branch out and produce for artist from every genre and began to grow and mature as a complete artist.

Timbo (Sample)