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People Are Talking About Shazzy Fitness

Jennifer, 41

I love Shazzy Fitness because the music makes it fun like a party and the dance moves make me forget I'm exercising! I can't help but smile, especially being led by choreographers with such joyful and encouraging personalities! I find myself doing the dance steps all the time so I'm exercising on the go all day and it doesn't even feel like it!

Jalena, 24

When I got a copy of the new Shazzy Fitness DVDs I was excited. I was a dancer from the time I was 5 years old. As I got older, I found less opportunities to dance and forgot how much I loved it. I thought fitness was limited to a marathon or a triatholon. After using Shazzy, I fell back in love with dance & find my workouts are much more fulfilling!

Dinah, 58

I feel much younger again because my body is filled with fun, motivating, up to date music which makes me want to dance and move every time my DVD is on! Not being active is a vicious cycle...the less you do, then the less you want to do. I will not give in! I just put my Shazzy Fitness DVD in and my tennis shoes on and I have fun again.....and I am more fit!

Jeni, 39

Before this experience I wouldn't have looked forward to listening to Christian Hip-hop. I was skeptical about the music at first but after I was exposed to it, I found it to be catchy and uplifting. If you’re not a dancer, you can modify it to make it easier and if you are a dancer, you can modify it to make it more challenging. The variety of styles is cool. I love the style.