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Why I love Shazzy Fitness and the DVDs

Welcome Vanessa Wigglesworth to the Shazzy Fitness Guest Blogger team! Hi all, my name is Vanessa and I am so excited to be joining the writing team here at Shazzy Fitness....
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Trust HIS Timing - He Has The Best plans For YOU!

The mindset of today’s people is if it’s not instantly tangible, received or delivered we move on to the next new, best or popular thing. We “keep it moving” but some...
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Mindy's Story: This Cancer Survivor Heard God Loud & Clear!

Hi, my name is Mindy Kaye. This part of my story begins in early in 2009 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With no known risk factors to give...
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A Near Death Experience - Entrepreneurship ain't Easy

I saw a quote recently in an article about entrepreneurship. I was immediately drawn to the article because the author was a woman - and these days seeing another female...
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