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"Do It Afraid!" Meet Our New Shazzy Fitness Instructor, Tanya Williams!

Hi everyone!!! My name is Tanya Williams. Most people call me Tan. I live in Slidell, LA. Slidell is a city that is located around 25 miles outside of New...
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3 Ways to Increase your Willpower and Self Control for Diet and Fitness

So, you’re decided to start your diet and exercise plan again. Maybe the holidays are over and you’re finally going to get that new diet going and go to the...
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When God Spoke To Me: Meet Yvette Keasley!

While standing in my kitchen preparing dinner and waiting for my husband to return home from a meeting with his Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit, I heard from God. The next...
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3 Ways How Physical Fitness Can Improve Your Mental Wellness

Understanding the connection between your body’s physical health and mental state is crucial so as to develop a balanced mental well-being—what the mind thinks and the crucial parts of the...
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