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Instructor Certification - FAQ

Can I buy Shazzy Fitness videos and teach classes without getting certified?

If you purchase our videos and are not certified through our program, you are only permitted to use the workouts for home use or within a private non-profit facility as a group, as long as you do not advertise the meeting in any public way.

You may not charge a fee for use of the videos or use our company name in conjunction with an advertisement of the workouts in a public forum (i.e. you may not advertise a "Shazzy Fitness class" on Facebook if you are not a licensed instructor).

How can I get trained and certified as a Shazzy Fitness instructor?

We offer 2 separate options for instructor training - live and online. The following outlines the main differences between the two.

Live training and certification:

  • One-on-one coaching from our expert choreographers
  • 5 Continuing Education Credits from the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
  • License to create your own choreography using our logo and under the Shazzy Fitness brand name
  • And much more

Online workshop:

  • A great option for those who are not near a live training location or who prefer to get certified on their own schedule
  • May only use the routines on our videos, the Choreography Club content or videos shared among our online instructor community
  • Option to also attend a future live training class (*additional fee required)
  • And more

See details about both options here: http://try.shazzyfitness.com/become-an-instructor

Are there any fitness or experience requirements to get certified?

No, there are no fitness or experience requirements to become a certified Shazzy Fitness Instructor.

Our instructors range from experienced group fitness instructors to ministry leaders to people who have never taught at all.  We provide the tools you need to succeed and we are with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide support.

If you have any medical condition - current or prior – we recommend you get the approval of your physician.  Once you are certified, we encourage you to practice several times so you can successfully teach at least one of our routines with no discomfort and are able to talk through the moves without being too short of breath. However, there is no fitness test prior to certification.

Can I charge a fee for my classes?

Yes! As a certified Shazzy Fitness instructor, you may charge a fee for your classes or provide free classes. The choice is yours. Also, you do not share your fees with us.

As a Shazzy Fitness Certified Instructor, how much can I expect to earn?

Shazzy Fitness Certified Instructors are not employees or contractors of Shazzy Fitness LLC; instead our certified instructors are licensed to use our choreography, music and marketing materials. Each instructor is responsible for managing and promoting their own class, including accepting payment. So, depending on each individual's commitment and perseverance, the sky is the limit :)

Can I use other music or choreography when teaching Shazzy Fitness?

As a Shazzy Fitness licensed instructor, you may incorporate your own choreography as long as you meet the following conditions:

  • You have attended one of our live certification classes (online certified instructors may not create their own choreography using the Shazzy Fitness brand or logo)
  • You only choreograph to faith-based music or instrumental songs. Only songs with Christian lyrics or faith-themed instrumental music is permitted.

Family-friendly hip-hop dance is our most popular workout. However, instructors who are certified through our live certification classes are free to incorporate other forms of dance fitness or exercise (i.e. stretching, muscle-toning, jazz dance, salsa) as long as it meets our guidelines and has prior approval.

What does is cost to get trained and licensed as a Shazzy Fitness instructor?

There is a one-time registration fee to attend our training.

LIVE CLASS: The fee is typically between $199 and $249 depending on where the class is held and how far in advance the registration is received. For our upcoming live training schedule, click here: https://www.shazzyfitness.com/pages/become-an-instructor

ONLINE: Please visit our online course page to see current fees and registration details for our online certification - click here: Shazzy Fitness Online Instructor Training

Are there any other fees or add-on services?

Once you are certified, there are no ongoing fees. However, you may join our optional Choreography Club, which offers new dance routines every month for only $30 a month (there is no contract, and you may cancel any time).

Benefits of Choreography Club membership:

  • New Choreography to share with your class each month
  • Discounts on merchandise and events
  • 2-year re-certification/renewal fee waived if you are a Choreography Club member for at least 6 consecutive months

How does re-certification/renewal work?

Our licenses - both online and live - renew every 2 years. If you wish to remain certified beyond 2 years, you must renew by taking one of our online renewal classes.

If you have been a Choreography Club member for at least 6 consecutive months, your renewal fee is waived. If not, your renewal fee will be equal to the online certification renewal fee at that time. The renewal fee will never exceed the cost of a new instructor live class registration fee.

How is Shazzy Fitness different than other licenses?

We get asked this all the time :) Many of our instructors are actually certified by Zumba, Cize, Jazzercise, Beachbody, YMCA and other group fitness programs.

Our program appeals to instructors from many backgrounds because we create customized, fun and family-friendly dance routines (that include "clean" music that edifies the spirit) with some incredible dance beats - all at the same time!

You never have to worry about Shazzy Fitness lyrics or dance moves – they are based in the Christian faith and appropriate for all ages. We actually provide all of the music lyrics to our instructors so that they will know exactly the type of music they are promoting.

We provide options to those who would like to add a new format to their existing certification resume or who would like to offer a new brand of fitness to their ministry or community. No experience required. If you think this is for you or someone you know, we'd love to hear from you!

If I sign up for the online training, can I still attend a live training class?

Absolutely! What's even better - if you later decide you would like to attend a live training, you get full credit for your online training fee. You only pay a flat upgrade fee of  $99 at the time of registration.

So you get the best of both options with nothing to lose :)

How long does it take to complete the online workshop?

It depends on each individual and how long it takes each person to feel comfortable with the material. The average time is 2-3 weeks, however for those who are truly motivated and have the time to dedicate to the material - our course can easily be completed in a single day. Click here to learn more about our Online Training.

Will you come teach a Shazzy Fitness class at my location?

We are always seeking organizations to partner with. In order for us to travel to your community, we require a minimum of 10 registered class attendees from your area or institution at least 8 weeks prior to us confirming the class date or publicly promoting the class. If your location is on the west coast, this minimum may be higher. If you have at least 10 interested parties in registering for our workshop, please contact us so we can get the ball rolling :)

If you would like to get a customized quote to bring a 1-day workshop to your community, please contact us and we can discuss different options to best work together within your budget.

For those who are interested in getting certified but have a smaller budget or do not meet the minimum requirements for hosting a class, the online instructor certification is the best solution.

Click Here To Learn More about Our Instructor Training

I'm already a fitness professional. Can earn continuing education credits if attend a certification training?

Yes! We are an official AFAA (Athletics & Fitness Association of America) Continuing Education Provider. If you register and attend any of our live instructor trainings and are currently certified by AFAA, you will receive 5 AFAA Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

At this time our program is only approved to offer AFAA CEUs.