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Can I buy Shazzy Fitness videos and teach classes without obtaining an instructor license?

How can I get trained as a Shazzy Vibe Fitness instructor?

Are there any fitness or experience requirements to get certified?

After the ONE DAY Training, can I teach Shazzy Vibe?

Can I charge a fee for my classes?

As a Shazzy Fitness Instructor how much can I expect to earn?

Can I use non-licensed choreography when teaching Shazzy Vibe?

What does it cost to get trained and obtain a Shazzy Vibe Fitness Instructor License?

How does recertification/renewal work?

How is teaching Shazzy Vibe different from other licenses?

Will you come and conduct a Shazzy Vibe Instructor Training at my location?

I’m already a fitness professional. Can I earn continuing education credits if I attend training?


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