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Instructor Certification - FAQ

Can I buy Shazzy Fitness videos and teach classes without getting certified?

If you purchase our videos and are not certified through our program, you are only permitted to use the workouts for home use or within a private non-profit facility as a group, as long as you do not advertise the meeting in any public way.

You may not charge a fee for use of the videos or use our company name in conjunction with an advertisement of the workouts in a public forum (i.e. you may not advertise a "Shazzy Fitness class" on Facebook if you are not a licensed instructor).

How can I get trained and certified as a Shazzy Fitness instructor?

We are not offering instructor or certification at this time.


    Product Information

    We try to ensure the sizing between all of our styles is as true to size as possible. That being said, our styles vary in material so there may be some differences in sizing once our shoes are worn in. If you're still unsure, reach out to one of our fit specialists through our contact form for some personalized advice.

    Our limited edition colors receive a seasonal refresh 2 times per year. To make sure you're always in the loop when new colorways are in the mix, watch our Instagram and Facebook pages!

    Some of our styles are Limited Edition colorways. These styles are made in small batches but refreshed seasonally. These styles are not restocked after they are sold out – sorry to say!

    If it’s a classic style that caught your eye, hold tight - we’ll replenish those! You can find out when the pair you’re looking for will be back in stock by reaching out to us!

    1. Remove excess dirt from the upper and outsole by using a small brush or towel.

    2. Create a soapy mixture by combining warm water and a small amount (a few drops) laundry detergent.

    3. Dip the brush or cloth into the soapy mixture. Wipe down the affected area. Apply a small amount of clean.

    4. Allow shoes to air dry and voila!

    Order Information

    Our team needs 1-2 business days to pack and ship your full order. Orders placed after 1:00 pm EST on Friday — or over the weekend — will ship on the next business day.

    We currently ship to Canada, the US, and Australia. We're hoping to expand to other countries in the future. If you have a special order you’d like to place with us just contact our team and we can try to pull some strings!

    Get in touch! Visit our Contact page for any information regarding your order! We’re happy to answer questions about Orders, Order Modifications, Shipping, Returns, and Cancellations.