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Here's what Shazzy Fitness is all about

About Kristy


For years Kristy McCarley - wife, mom, entrepreneur -  looked for a fun and easy to learn, dance workout with top instructors and music beats that inspired the same excitement and passion as millions of Zumba fans around the globe. Read about Kristy's inspiration to create Shazzy Fitness, And so it begins.

Only one problem - the secular songs had the best dance beats, but the lyrics didn't always feel good to sing - and some of the moves were too suggestive. On the other hand, the Christian workouts weren't nearly as fun as their secular counterparts and often felt a little preachy.

In 2012, Kristy was led to create Shazzy Fitness, a new and easy to learn cardio exercise DVD series that fuses modern hip-hop dance with faith-based contemporary music, including Gospel Hip-Hop & Christian Rock.

"Family Approved for All Ages by the Dove Foundation"

"Featured performing artists at the 2015 Trinity Awards"

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