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Easy Turkey Wraps

Ever heard of the golden 70/30 rule in losing weight? 70% of the effort in losing weight lies in nutrition, and the remaining 30% is dedicated to your fitness regimes. Despite the number of classes you've signed up for at the gym, the fitness DVD’s you’ve ordered to work out to at home, and the amount of money you’ve spent on fitness gear, many of your goals should be focused on proper nutrition.

It sounds like a walk in the park to focus on what you should eat when you’re living alone, but what if you’re a parent of two with a full-time job and you have no clue on how to align your health goals and your family’s meals? How should you balance losing weight and family life? Worry no more, because there is a solution! Incorporating your nutrition goals with your family’s meals is the best holistic approach to losing weight. Not only does it benefit you, it also benefits the nutrition and health status of your family.

It all boils down to having the right resources and being able to plan your meals. Set aside a time in your week where you can research on recipe ideas. With meal planning, always consider the following: nutrition value, reusability of ingredients, ease of preparation and cooking, and time spent to create the dish.

An example of an easy, home-made family meal is our Spicy Turkey Wraps with grilled herb tomatoes! This dish is high in protein, trans-fat free, and rich in dietary fiber. The white meat in turkey has always been regarded as a good protein source because it contains less calories and fat than most other cuts of meat. Since this meal is high in protein, it also helps to increase the feeling of satiety and makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. In addition, the grilled herbed tomatoes add nice doses of Vitamin A and C, which are beneficial for increased immunity and an overall healthier body. You canalways tweak this recipe to you and your family’s preference by switching the grilled tomatoes with your family’s favorite vegetable. You can also increase the fiber in this meal by swapping the regular tortillas with whole wheat tortillas.

Prepare this dish as a family and enjoy a delicious healthy meal. Wondering how you can know more about this recipe? Join our recipe subscription service, MealEasy, full of healthy dishes that would fit in right in your family’s meal plans.


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