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Support Farmers Market Week - buy local


Support Farmers Market Week

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Corinthians 10:31

It's a warm August morning. I roll out of bed and decide to check out a local farmers market to change up my routine. As I walked through the farmers market I'm overwhelmed by the freshness of it all. All my senses are awakened. The colors, the smell, the variety of the fresh produce is a much needed change from the coldness offered by a grocery store. In addition to the array of fresh fruit and vegetables, I find freshly baked bread, mouthwatering jams and pies. People seemed happier talking to local farmers. This human interaction along with the freshness of the produce is what sets shopping at a local farmers market apart.

In the year 2000, the United States Department of Agriculture proclaimed that August 4th - August 10th would be National Farmers Market Week. Ever since, for that one week farmers markets all over this country host special events like cooking demos, live music etc. to join the celebration.

Farmers market is an integral part of our life today. It is a space that links urban life to farm life. Consumers get direct access to food fresh off the farms, while farmers can sell their produce directly eliminating the middle man.

The food you consume is as important as exercising. And the fresher the food the greater the benefits. If you are still not convinced on shopping at a farmers market, here are a few reasons why you should:

    1. Better tasting, healthier food. The produce you buy at a farmers market was picked off the farm within the last two days. It didn't travel long distances and wasn't sprayed with any chemical to extend it's shelf life.This is the freshest you can eat.
    2. Eating seasonal food. You are eating fruits and vegetables that are in season. You become aware of the cycles of nature in your region and feel a connection with the earth.
    3. Protects your health. When you buy locally you know where your food came from. You know how it was grown and you have more control in the choices you make.
    4. Enjoy the variety. You will find produce that you won't see at a grocery store like red carrots, green garlic and so much more.
    5. Benefits the farmer. Today the farmer only receives 10cents of the retail food dollar. When he/she sells produce directly it cuts out the middle man and enables them to make more profit.
    6. Helps protect the environment. Food sold locally does not travel long distances and this reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and packing materials. Also when farmers begin to profit there is less temptation to sell the land.
    7. Connect with your community. When you shop at the farmers market you build relationships with the farmers. You engage in conversations and become a part of the community.
 This August shop at a local farmers market and discover the joy in the chore.


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