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Why I'm going to Allume this year (and you should too)

ShazzyFitness + Allume

A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. (1 Corinthians 12:7)

I honestly had never heard of Allume before last year.  My friend Jennifer mentioned to me during one of our coffee dates. It sounded like a cool concept - a Christian blogger meetup with sessions, breakouts, seminars, etc.  Given that I was just moving into the launch phase of Shazzy Fitness, I must admit I was a tad distracted.  So when Jennifer mentioned it, I kind of filed it away in my mental rolodex (remember those? yeah I'm showing my age).

Months later, after just launching our website and blog, Jennifer mentioned it to me again - and I thought, hmmm… maybe I should look into this? Long story short (love it when long winded people say that), I ended up on a call with the head lady chief herself, Logan Wolfram, Allume Executive Director.

Here's what I learned from my first chat with Logan:

Allume is not just a meetup or ordinary conference.  It's a ministry.  I don't use that word lightly.  I almost hate to use that word because it's soooo overused and misused these days.  If you don't have a discerning spirit, it can be super hard to figure out what is and what is not a ministry.  But from the first time I spoke to Logan, I knew this would be different. 

The Allume team is on a mission - to minister, to inspire, to educate and to empower sisters in Christ who have been blessed with a gift to tell stories and communicate with sisters all around the globe. 

I am already in awe at the amount of work and dedication it takes to pull off an event of this magnitude.  I am in more awe at the spirit of love that oozes from every conversation, every email and all correspondence from the Allume team.  That shouldn't surprise me right? I mean, this is a Christian conference right?  Sad to say, but Christian conferences are not all created equally.  Sad but true.

But I digress.

I am proud to say that Shazzy Fitness will be one of the participating sponsors at the 2014 Allume Conference.   I hope that this post inspires many of you to join me!!

Be well, be blessed.

Kristy McCarley

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