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Dance Move #1 from Apollo's Seven Dance Moves

Many people don’t like going to the gym. As Apollo Levine, lead choreographer for Shazzy Fitness, says from his own experience, “I’d rather be able to work out without straining my brain, having to get myself extra motivated to go to a spin class or get on a treadmill to pedal or run in place for an hour. A lot of times, especially when it comes to cardio, I just want to do it– no thinking involved.”  

Dance move #1: Pull Down & Roll

“This one is probably one of my favorites. Start by reaching your right arm all the way up. As you pull down come to a squat position. Repeat with the left arm. Once you have completed your second squat in position roll your shoulders and your body to each side. Repeat as many times as you can. Don't forget to tighten the core. Now you’re working your quads and your abs without killing yourself on the floor”.

Remember to  look out for our next blog post and Dance Move #2!


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