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The Sweaty Executive: Celebration

Bentina Terry

Success is so awesome. The first time I lost weight I celebrated by ditching the restrictions I placed on my life...like not downing a whole pepperoni pizza - my favorite food. I ate whatever I wanted. It was so liberating...until I got on the scale and it all came back and those pounds brought friends to the party and totally trashed my house...some celebration!

I've had that "celebration" more times than I care to admit. It's disappointing really to realize the time I've had to commit to losing weight because I could not keep it off.  This last time I've kept if off for 4 years - and I lost those 25 pounds over 3 years this time instead of 3 months (there is probably another blog there). My celebration this time was different.

Instead of the "I've arrived" or destination celebration of the past, I'm having the "man I love this new body, new lifestyle" celebration. This time I celebrated "me" not an accomplishment. The "me" I celebrate is the one who eats healthy, works out and loves her current wardrobe.

Celebrating me means everyday rewards...just not the thing that hurts me or all the progress I've made...it's crazy. Would you celebrate getting a new job by promptly ditching your business attire or celebrate winning a singing competition that got you an awesome contract by ditching your voice lessons or celebrate sobriety by having a drink. Pick an analogy - the question is would you celebrate a success by returning to what set you back or ditching what got you there?

I don't mean we should not occasionally have the things we love even if they aren't optimal for us.  Life without pepperoni pizza is a bummer. But don't have the whole pizza or eat it every day because that's not a party - it's an orgy! I've learned to love the way I look and feel now as much as that pizza and I realize that there is room for both in my life. I've also realized that I can find other ways to celebrate and some include getting a new workout DVD or a well needed massage. The me I am celebrating lives THIS life I'm in now and she is happier and has many ways to reward herself.

I celebrate that me every day by indulging in things that keep me healthy, fit and satiated. And sometimes I eat pizza and love it but I love other things too.  I hope you find the you that you that you want to celebrate every day and those celebrations that keep you on the path you want for yourself. It's a whole lot more fun and the party doesn't trash your house!  

See ya on the road.

The Sweaty Executive.


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