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The Sweaty Executive: Fairness

Bentina Terry

I was complaining to a trainer once that it just wasn't fair.

I was just learning that carbohydrates are difficult for me to indulge in and keep my weight down.  Of course not all carbs - they are brain food and a necessary fuel for your body - but I need to watch my intake especially of white carbs and when coupled with sugar.  (Much later I learned I was also gluten intolerant as well) I found that I just couldn't eat whatever I wanted and meanwhile others could. I always had to put so much effort into watching what I ate and working out on the regular to have any semblance of a normal weight. It was just patently unfair I said!

I guess I had been going on for sometime that day. It was early in the morning and it was not the first time he heard this little speech. Every other time he just nodded in sympathy and let me go on.  Not this morning....Finally, he just asked me if it was fair that he wasn't a lawyer like me ... That he did not poses the skills to be a lawyer like I did.  That while he knew I was trained to be a lawyer, I likely had an aptitude and some skills I was born with or that were developed early in me that made it something I was good at.

Was it fair that he wasn't equipped with those same things? What about the basketball player born with natural height and coordination or the singer born with an awesome voice or the scientist born with a mind for his seeing the impossible...or him born with a real body for muscle development?  Was it unfair that we were all blessed differently?

His point was we all have benefits and burdens and that IS what is fair.  So what mine was not eating any and all the carbs I wanted.  I needed to get over it and learn to live with it.  He was saying, graciously I should add, "It's your thing and you aren't the only one who has something."  Of course, he was right. I can't eat all the pizza I want and have the body I want and others can. I have to work out. But I CAN do so much.  

I will always have to watch what I eat and workout to maintain a weight I like but I can stand before hundreds of people and give a speech with little fear. I can argue with the best of them in or out a courtroom. It's all fair on the whole.  

I hope you find what your benefits are and learn to find peace with your burdens.  It will truly make you grateful.  

See ya on the road.

The Sweaty Executive.


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