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Introducing Our Certified Instructors: Cheryl Salter

Shazzy Fitness Certified Instructor Cheryl SalterMy name is Cheryl Salter, from Brooklyn, N.Y. I am a Registered Nurse, Certified in General Nursing Practice, and have been practicing in this profession for almost 40 years. As a RN.C, I have devoted my life to caring for the sick, aging, adults, children with cancer, and hospice care. At church, as the nurse ministry head, I spearheaded a health fair and spa day in an effort to promote health and wellness in the community. I have been a fitness dance instructor for almost a year through a sponsored program in NYC called Shapeup NY. During my 6 month internship I studied for and passed the AFAA exam for certification as a Group Exercise Instructor.

Shazzy Fitness Certified Instructor Cheryl SalterAfter completing a fitness class I was approached by one of my constituents who told me about something she read on Facebook about Shazzy Fitness and wondered if I had ever heard about it. I said no, but was interested in knowing more about it. After she forwarded the information, I went on the website and was amazed that there was a workout program for Christian Hip Hop. I noticed that they were having instructor certification classes in NYC and decided to sign up. I had praise danced at church before and really enjoyed dancing to gospel music; this program was giving me the opportunity to expand my love of gospel music and to workout to it as well. Secondly, my steps are ordered by the Lord, so this opportunity was God's plan for me to become part of the Shazzy team.

Shazzy Fitness Certified Instructor Cheryl SalterI intend to use my training in fitness and dance to enlarge my efforts to help people understand the importance of caring for self, to live and live more abundantly through dance fitness, to inspirational music, and have fun doing it. Coming up on 3 yrs ago I started my own fitness journey and as a result have lost close to 90lbs. I am a living testimony to practicing what I preach.

Are you or someone you know interested in joining the fastest-growing faith-based dance Instructor Team? Our Online Instructor Certification Training is available now. If you're ready to share the joy of faith and fellowship through fitness, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you :)


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