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Aloha Shazzy: Greetings from Flora Yee!

Shazzy instructor Flora waterfall HawaiiAloha, Shazzy ohana! My name is Flora Yee and I am humbled to be the first certified Shazzy instructor in Hawaii.

I had been trying to get certified online for almost a year and I found it very difficult because of my busy schedule but God stepped in and provided me with the opportunity to once again serve Him. My daughter was doing an internship in Illinois and since I was planning on visiting her for her 21st birthday, we were planning on going to Las Vegas to celebrate. I also found out that Shazzy was doing a live certification during that same weekend (thank you, social media!!). I asked my daughter if she was willing to change our weekend plans so I could get certified. She was a little disappointed until I told her where it was being held; she told me that one of her close friends from college (her sister in Christ) lives in Alpharetta! Traveling 4,000 miles to get certified live was so worth it!

I have three fabulous grown children and soon I will be an empty-nester, which can mean only one thing: MORE time to spend on Shazzy Fitness! Since all my children are away now, I travel as much as I can to see them; I hope to meet each and everyone of you and share in our faith and love of fitness <3

Flora Yee less kids more ShazzyI have no experience in teaching fitness classes but have the privilege of working with special needs children and able to share my love of fitness by teaching them some great dance moves during P.E. I am looking forward to sharing my love of fitness with my parish; I will be nervous but nervous energy is not a bad thing and I remember someone at training telling me that even if I make a mistake, the only person who will know is me!!

I truly believe God has led me here and I am so blessed to be part of this fantastic organization!


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