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Faith and Fitness

It’s your time to find balance in your spiritual and physical journey

Okay, ladies. I get it. You’re busy. You have a full-time job, maybe you’re in school, you have kids to chase after, relationships, bills— you are an adult-y adult! And although that is definitely something to be commended for, when was the last time you checked in with yourself? How’s your spiritual and physical health doing?

What does my health have to do with my faith?

yoga classWe all know that health is important. It’s plastered all over our screens, billboards, even the ads on our podcasts. Fitness is trending! But what does our health have to do with our faith? If your spiritual health is good why be worried about your physical health?

Here’s the thing. God gives you one body. This is your temple and your task is to keep it clean both spiritually AND physically. If your health goes down, you can’t live a full life, and if you have been blessed enough to have control, take full advantage of that and choose to live fully in both areas.

Why is having a healthy lifestyle so important?

When our bodies are feeling good, everything else tends to fall in line. Have you ever noticed that when you’re sick or tired, everything, including activities that usually bring you joy, feel like a chore? Well, when we get our physical health on track, it becomes easier to concentrate on the things most important to us; our faith, families, relationships, education, and growth.

Where do I start?

yoga matThis one is up to you! Fitness is not “One Size Fits All” and that is a great thing. Some people hate the gym but love nature, and so they hike. Others can’t stand the thought of exercising alone and so joining a Zumba class is perfect for them. Here’s a short list of ways to start your fitness journey.

  • Yoga: Worried about people looking at you? Well most yoga classes are dimly lit, move slowly, and have easy to follow beginner classes.
  • Zumba: Get bored easily? Well, you won’t have time to, when you’re dancing to your favorite songs. These classes are upbeat, fun, and beginner friendly.
  • Soul Cycle: Need a team to feel motivated? Soul Cycle may be for you! These classes are guided by a teacher who leads from the front and the rest of the class follows along while cheering, clapping, and ,of course, pedaling away.
  • Hiking: Hate feeling trapped inside on a beautiful day? Hiking is a fun way to walk a few miles without even knowing it, while getting plenty of fresh air and sun.
  • Rock Climbing: Still looking for something that will give you a rush? Rock climbing is fun and exciting and allows you to go at your own pace.

How do I make this a habit?

yoga classFirst, you’ll need to find your “Why”. Scheduling and booking classes are important, but without your “Why,” you’ll have no fuel. We all have our individual motivations for why we do what we do, and initiating a new element to your routine is just as important. Are you doing this to live longer for your children, to feel better so you can enjoy life, or to be better involved in your church’s outreach group? This is something you need to pin down so you can go back to when things get rough.

When should I begin?

NOW, of course! There’s no time like the present. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to keep the ball rolling. Maybe you’re nervous, but that’s okay. We all have to start at some point and it’s much better to be beginner, than to quit before you even start.

Kendra ReedKendra Reed, a Shazzy Fitness guest blogger, is a freelance writer focused on frugal living, healthy lifestyle, and budget travel. She is the creator, and sole writer, of the blog: Kenny Hearts Life, where she gives advice to millennials attempting to make major life decisions, live on their own, or just find the motivation to keep moving forward. She received her degree in Broadcast Technology in 2015 and later moved several hours away from her hometown, and finally her home-state. Following this, she decided to teach herself how to live on her own, solo travel, and take full control of her health while teaching others.


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