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How Mothers Can Cope in Difficult Times Like This

mother and babyThe current health crisis with COVID-19 has created all sorts of struggles among families and societies on a global scale. For the working adult: singles or fathers and mothers, there’s a struggle to balance or maintain work.

Mothers especially also have to handle child care and self-care. The dutiful and loving mom is no doubt doing her best to relieve the worries of her family members while trying hard to put a lid on her own. These are indeed difficult times. How can mothers cope in times like this?


Prioritize self-care.

Self-care is often last on the list for wives and mothers. But in times like this, self-care is most important. Don’t leave yourself to the point of exhaustion and neglect. It will likely lead to illness or depression. When that happens, you won’t be of help to anyone.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Studies confirm how sleep is crucial to health and personal survival. Resist the urge to keep working around the house especially at night when you should already be unwinding and preparing to retire for bed. Next, make sure your brain gets its period of rest and reset. Downtime is essential for your mental faculties to replenish focus and increase productivity. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Meditate. Take short walks around the neighborhood or nearby park. Take your dog with you.


Don’t do too much.

When lockdowns were first enforced, people saw it as a chance to organize their homes, do overdue gardening, or even take control of their children’s education. These things may come easy for some personalities. Others though will succumb to the pressure, exhaustion, and stress. Now is not the time to set unrealistic expectations. Now is not the time to crowd your life with endless chores and activities.

Do what you can but don’t obsess about tasks and chores. Focus on what (or shall we say, ‘WHO’) is important. And yes, you may have to do some hands-on teaching to your kids. But, don’t let study time turn into a shouting match. Let it be a time of bonding with your kids. Let your kids experience, not your frustration or disappointment, but your love and support.


mother and childNurture core relationships.

There are 2 things this COVID-19 health crisis made us realize the most: #1 – Earthly things and situations are temporary. And, #2 – Relationships are more important than material possessions. This crisis will pass. But, the positive things we can learn and become from this great challenge will help us build lasting character and strong foundations for life. So don’t despair. Life will bless us with better days. It’s a promise from God. (Romans 8:28).


Stay connected to God and don’t alienate yourself from family and friends. People cope in different ways. Some express, others repress. Some focus inward. Others look outward and choose to find brightness by shining whatever light they have on others. Sometimes, the best way to cheer yourself is to cheer another person. Try it. It will take your mind off your problems. Something happens when you see other people who are in the same or worse situation than you are. It lessens the complaining and resentful attitude that’s building up inside of you. Instead, it breeds thankfulness in your heart.


Ana MenezAna Menez, a Shazzy Fitness guest blogger, is a freelance writer. She takes great interest in writing and sharing growth resources. She loves reading for all of its fresh insights and points of view that helps her as she consider issues relevant to her faith life.


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