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How the Lord Led Me To Start Community Fitness!

Jordan-Leigh FrankMeet Jordan-Leigh Frank!

My name is Jordan-Leigh Frank. I am 33 years old, have been married for almost 7 years, and we have three beautiful children together ages 5 and under. I work part-time, lead middle and high school youth at our church with my husband, and am about to start the journey of homeschooling. Life is wild right now. My family is my world. 

I have always been active. I played sports growing up, mainly tennis and soccer. In college, I was on a dance team for two years and ran cross-country for one year.  Going to the gym used to be a regular part of my routine until I got married and started having babies. After that part of our life began, I started having to workout at home via apps and Youtube videos. You do what you have to do sometimes, but it is simply not the same as working out together with community. Community fitness helps to provide accountability and most of all, FUN!

My children are truly wonderful, but having them so close together has been, well, mentally and physically exhausting. It's absolutely a full-time job, starting very early in the morning and ending just before I go to bed myself. Our oldest has special needs, which is beautifully challenging all by itself. I have been struggling with finding something just for me, an outlet that gives me a bit of a mental break and that lifts me up and encourages me at the same time. A month or two ago, I found something that lit a spark and began my journey to where I am now.

I have younger siblings that are much more "hip" than I am in pretty much all areas, but especially with technology. My sister started raving about the TikTok app, which I quickly brushed off. However, eventually I became curious. I downloaded the app to see what all the fuss was about and quickly became intrigued. There were so many awesome Christian dances out there! I quickly began to "duet" them and found my smile growing bigger with each one. Doing these dances with my fellow brothers and sisters brought me so much joy! I began posting them on my Instagram and Facebook pages and noticed people kept commenting on how much they liked the videos and how happy I looked in them.

One day I posted one and begged someone to start a Christian dance fitness class in our small town.  Many people commented that I should be that someone. Ask and you shall receive, right? There was a lot of interest and excitement from my community about the idea! I was shocked! I used to be the captain of a dance team and thought, why not? Why not me? I prayed about it and felt the Lord guiding me and leading me forward. 

Jordan-Leigh FrankI began searching for dance fitness certifications and eventually stumbled upon Shazzy Fitness. Something just clicked for me. I had researched other options and for many reasons they were never the right fit; I felt like the music, dances, and/or missions were not right. They didn't glorify the Lord. Finally, I found Shazzy Fitness and felt God leading me to say "yes". I took a leap of faith and here I am! With every step forward towards certification, I feel in my spirit that this is the right direction.  God is opening the door and making a way.

I realized long ago that I don't have to see the end to move forward, I just have to keep taking the next step and trusting Him.  

I am so excited to bring my community together with all that Shazzy Fitness has to offer! I know that it will be such a blessing to not just myself, but to everyone that becomes a part of it. God is so good and I am so thankful!


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