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Taking Shazzy Fitness To The Streets: Meet Roxy Gray!

Roxy Gray

My name is Heiress Roxy Suzette Gray III and I am passionate about God, my children, dance, fitness, and nutrition. I live and breathe all the above. I will be 51 years young and my body feels like I am in my 20s. I used to do Shazzy Fitness with my Amazon Fire Stick and did not realize the name was Shazzy Fitness. I finally realized the name of the fitness regimen I was doing when I facilitated a certification class at LivRite Fitness in Indianapolis Indiana a few years ago.

Roxy GrayThe certification class was a fun experience and Apollo was an awesome trainer.  Unfortunately, I was unable to market a new class at the gym since I moved over 2,000 miles away. I am currently living in California and I am ready to get my life back. God has been so gracious to me and His mercy is new daily. I want to take Shazzy Fitness to the streets and teach it in the park as my reasonable service to the community without charging. That is a goal of mine. I am ready to bless others as my God has blessed me. Dance is a way to escape the cares of the world and promote physical fitness, especially to the homeless community. I am excited about it.

I am an Officiant and I am a proud owner of an online fitness business. I am a mother of four which includes three adult daughters and one son, and I also have three grandchildren. I love my family and miss my girls and grandchildren. I look forward to flying them to California to visit and spend time with me and their brother. God has been good to my son and I on this journey. WE have had very good days, and we have had some not so good days. At the end of the day, my passion will keep me on my journey and fulfilling my visions.

I am Heiress Roxy Suzette Gray III and I look forward to taking Shazzy Fitness to the streets.

Roxy Gray


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