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Introducing Our Certified Instructors: Meet Pam Parker!

Shazzy Instructor Pam ParkerPamela “Pam” Parker of Austin, Texas is a motivational, health and wellness speaker and founder of Born Again Bodies, a mind, body, spirit organization that promotes health and wellness in the public and in under-served communities. The undercurrent of Pam’s fitness ministry is a love for people, dance and movement. Pam aspires to passionately help as many people as she can live healthy and whole through the gift of nutrition, exercise and dance!

Dance is nothing new to Pam! She has been providing fitness and dance instruction for over 15 years and has helped start dance ministries in her community. Pam is also an Eagles International Dancer and instructor that ministers and teaches as she is called to different church and venues. Her father has often shared the story of Pam’s birth; the doctors could hardly get Pam on the operating table because she came out kicking and dancing!

Pam Parker's Instructor Certification day with Apollo and VeraPam’s organization Born Again Bodies conducts fitness and dance programs for people of all ages. This is an outreach ministry to the community and it has helped changed the lives of people. Testimonials of weight loss, BMI changes, better mental health and other improvements have been a part of the results of these efforts.

One of the Born Again Bodies’ team members found out about Shazzy on Facebook and shared the post. Pam was so glad she did! Shazzy was exactly the dance fitness format that Pam had been looking for to supplement current hip-hop, Inspirational Zumba, and dance classes. Not only did Pam get certified, but she partnered Born Again Bodies with Shazzy Fitness and Destiny Pointe Fitness Center to send a team to the “Live Well” Expo in Arlington and get certified as well! Pam Parker and Born Again Bodies at the Urban Music FestShazzy fits with the goals and objectives of Born Again Bodies to deliver education, advocacy, and corporate & community wellness from a Mind-Body-Spirit perspective.

Pam has extensive experience in state and local government and corporate America. She has served as the Coordinator of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, Coordinator for the Texas Minority Health Affairs, and Chief of Staff or consultant to several legislators. In corporate America, Pam has been a Sr. Project Manager & Sr. Events Marketing Analyst for Dell and a contractor for IBM.

Pam Parker's ministry in liturgical and praise dancePam says, “I always had a Maya Angelou ‘Still I Rise’ song in my heart, but one day the music stopped. Well, better said…the music merely paused. My desire to live, fight for my peace and be in balance was still deep in my heart. A domestic violence survivor, I felt as if I were the living dead, until one day I decided I wanted to LIVE. Like Martin Luther King, I had a dream. I was in an airplane and it was about to crash, but I gained control of the pilot’s seat and pulled the control wheel up and landed in green pastures. I have not quite hit the runway yet, but I am on my way and making my descent, to lie down near still waters. I find great joy in finding my place of peace and balance. Adversity has caused me to find great fulfillment in helping others do the same. Let’s sit on the grassy knoll together!”

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