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When God Spoke To Me: Meet Yvette Keasley!

Yvette KeasleyWhile standing in my kitchen preparing dinner and waiting for my husband to return home from a meeting with his Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit, I heard from God. The next 15 minutes or so I cried, I prayed, I praised His Mighty Name, and I listened. This wasn’t the first time God has spoken to me; therefore, I knew immediately that my life was about to be interrupted.

After I retire in 2015, I rediscover my love for line dancing. I’m talking about the Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle and more recent dances such as the XL Stroll. I prided myself in learning and keeping up with current dance trends. I dislike gyms so line dancing allowed me to exercise and stay fit. Two years later my husband and I relocated to a little town in North Carolina to build our forever home. This was an exciting time for us. As we integrated into our new community, I quickly learned that it would take work to become part of this community. There were very few folks that looked like us (LOL).

Determined to have a great quality of life and become part of the community, we went to every event we were invited to attend. In doing so we made lots of new friends. It didn’t take long before word got out that I love line dancing and that my husband was a talented musician. People began to ask for line dance lessons which lead to request from the community for my participation in ticketed social activities events. Through this exposure, I started a new business as a line dance instructor. My classes were in high demand and business continue to grow.

Yvette KeasleyThen it all changed that day in my kitchen when God spoke to me. God told me that I must move away from teaching secular dance and music. He said that introducing secular music and dance to others wasn’t a part of His plan for my life. He put in my heart that teaching dance will be part of my calling / ministry to introduce people to Him and His love. God showed me how a faith-based dance fitness program would glorify Him and His kingdom. When my husband returned home, I told him of my experience and that God talked to me. As a God-fearing man, he told me; “I guess you better listen to God”.

A few days later I had to travel out of town for my granddaughter's bridal shower. Being obedient to God, I spent every free moment searching the internet for a faith-based dance and fitness program. There were a few to choose so I asked guidance and He answered my prayers.

That’s when I found Shazzy Fitness. I was so excited to know that I could edify God and enjoy a good clean hiphop dance fitness program. I knew Shazzy Fitness was the right program for me. I immediately registered for the course. Now I’m waiting for the delivery of my Shazzy tee shirt to get this show on the road. Thank you to Kristy and the Shazzy family for providing God’s people with a clean dance and fitness opportunities.


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