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It’s Time To Get Healthy, Be Happy, and Have Fun!

Shazzy Fitness is a 25-minute, easy to learn dance workout you can do at home.

A FUN, easy to learn dance workout that doesn't feel like exercise ... with moves & music lyrics that are family-friendly and consistent with our core beliefs.

Shazzy Fitness 25-minute workouts are specifically designed for real people, at all fitness levels - who don't have time or the desire to hit the gym everyday but LOVE the idea of dancing to hip-hop music that is both inspired and inspiring.

  • FUN, full-body, convenient workout videos - Just 25 minutes
  • Step by Step, Easy to learn dance moves
  • Lose the Weight. Tone your Spirit.
  • Dove Foundation Approved for family-friendly content

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Dancing is a Great Way to Get in Shape and Stay Fit!

Here are some of the many physical, emotional and mental benefits of dancing:

Improved Condition of Your
Heart and Lungs

Increased Muscular Strength, Endurance and Motor Fitness

Stronger Bones and Reduced
Risk of Osteoporosis

Improved Muscle Tone, Strength and Weight Control

Improved balance, awareness
coordination, agility and flexibility

Improved general, mental and psychological wellbeing

Greater self-confidence, self-esteem and physical confidence

Increased happiness, reduced stress, and better social skills

Learn About Our Dance Workout Routines

Beginners Dance Workout DVD
featuring Vera Musgrove

Genre: Christian Hip-Hop

Christian Hip-Hop Dance DVD 1

Vera Musgrove gets you into the groove with In The Beginning, a beginner-level cardio-dance video that offers family-friendly, easy to learn dance moves, and only includes CHRISTIAN hip-hop songs.

In the Beginning (Run time: 37 minutes):

  • Benefits: Step-by-step instructions, perfect for all ages!
  • Ideal for all fitness levels.
  • Full-body workout. Isotonic and isometric exercises.

More About The Beginners Dance Workout DVD

Cardio Dance Workout DVD
featuring Apollo Levine

Genre: Christian Hip-Hop

Christian Hip-Hop Dance DVD 2

Apollo Levine presents A Time to Dance, a fat-burning cardio-dance exercise video with easy to learn dance techniques that will make you wanna put every workout routine on ‘Repeat’!

A Time to Dance (Run time: 37 minutes):

  • Benefits: cardiovascular endurance, fat-burning, dance techniques
  • Ideal for dance enthusiasts 
  • Extra bonus dance workout included.

More About The Cardio Dance Workout DVD

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