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I absolutely love Shazzy Fitness. It is unique, energizing and spiritually empowering. The moves make you SWEAT by using all parts of your body and by being challenging but not difficult. With that said, the music is really what I love. I feeling like I am celebrating and rejoicing our Lord but in a way that is modern and expresses my style - modern and fun! Shazzy is today's gospel workout!

- Bentina Chisolm Terry

You could say I am one of the older followers of Shazzy Fitness. I am in my "senior " years but when I exercise with any one of the fabulous instructors on Shazzy Fitness, I feel much younger again because my body is filled with fun, motivating, up to date music which makes me want to dance and move every time my DVD is on! Not being active or not dancing is a vicious cycle...you become lazy, then the less you want to do. I will not give in! I just put my Shazzy Fitness DVD in and my tennis (or dancing) shoes on and I have fun again.....and I am more fit!

- Dinah

The Shazzy Fitness music makes me move and the lyrics strengthen my endurance as it reminds me that giving my all has rewards and eventually yields joy, in a serenity kind of sense. It makes it easier for me to let go of any care or worry and dance full out because it is so much fun! Shazzy Fitness makes me more focused on my goals during my workouts and takes away the feeling of working out being a chore. Thanks so much for making a fitness DVD that's just for me!

- Jalena Wilson

I love Shazzy Fitness because the music makes it fun like a party and the dance moves make me forget I'm exercising! I can't help but smile, especially being led by choreographers with such joyful and encouraging personalities! I find myself doing the dance steps all the time so I'm exercising on the go all day and it doesn't even feel like it!

- Jalena Wilson

Shazzy Fitness puts me in a refreshing mindset knowing that my workout has a purpose of getting in the best physical condition so I can continue to do the things I love to do everyday. I want to be able to live a long and healthy life to be around family as long as I can so I know that working out is necessary. Shazzy Fitness makes working out fun!

- Jalena Wilson

When I got a copy of the new Shazzy Fitness DVDs I was excited. I was a dancer from the time I was five years old into college. As I got older, I found less opportunities to dance and forgot how much I love it. I thought fitness was chasing a goal to run a marathon or do a triatholon. After using Shazzy, I fell back in love with dance and find my workouts are so much more fulfilling and the music is so uplifting!

- Jalena Wilson

What I love most about Shazzy Fitness is the high energy music and that it is an uplifting workout video! 

- R. Hill

Fitness DVDs have been done time and time again. It's good to see one where not only the instructors' but everyone's joy is apparent the whole time.

- Andrew Pittman


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