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Give Your Family Fun, Fitness, and Faith This Christmas

Two women in green(left) and red(right) giving a thumps up

Give the gift that gives back this holiday season with the Shazzy Fitness dance workout DVD. Don’t give mom the coffee mug that sits in the back of the kitchen cupboard - give her fun, fitness, and faith with Shazzy Fitness this Christmas.

Shazzy Fitness is a revolutionary fun and funky, family-friendly dance fitness workout that complements the busy lifestyle of today’s Christian. This new and innovative dance fitness program fuses modern dance with faith-based contemporary music. Get mom up (and the family) and moving this Christmas and get a jump start on those New Year’s resolutions!

The workouts included in Shazzy Fitness’ DVDs are so much fun that she’ll barely realize how quickly she’s shedding the pounds. The dances are easy to learn and work every part of the body. The music is upbeat and fun and will keep her motivated as she completes the routines. All of the music is also faith-based, so she’ll be spiritually uplifted with every base beat and dance step. She’ll meet those New Year’s resolutions while shaping what the Father gave her in no time!

She’ll have a blast as the Shazzy Fitness choreographers - Apollo, Leslie and Vera - lead her through their fun, easy to follow, hip-hop dance routines that challenge the body and ignite the spirit. Designed for women and men of all ages and fitness levels, this cardio workout has been described as “a cutting-edge fitness solution that is divinely inspired, yet unapologetically funkafied”.

But don’t let mom have all the fun. Turn it into a family affair! With music for the whole family, Shazzy Fitness is the perfect gift to share with loved ones. Grab a group and learn the dance moves together! People of all ages will have a blast (and maybe even a share a laugh or two) as the family learns new moves with Shazzy Fitness. The music appeals to people of all ages – so get those children from in front of the TV, those teens off their phones, and the adults out of the kitchen and up and moving this Christmas with the Shazzy Fitness DVD dance routines. Now everyone will have a move to share during the holiday dance line!

Don’t have time to learn an entire dance routine? That’s ok! The Shazzy Fitness DVDs offer multiple 10-minute, heart-pumping routines specifically choreographed to maximize the fat burn while fitting into mom’s busiest day. Dancing with Shazzy Fitness gives those always on the go time to take a break while relieving stress, encouraging the spirit and burning the calories. Give the ultimate gift this holiday season that will have mom thanking you for years to come. Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be hard this holiday season. Give the gift that will benefit the entire family. Help mom reach those New Year’s resolutions, get the family up and moving, and give the give that fits into even the busiest schedules.

The Shazzy Fitness dance work out DVDs can be ordered off of our website www.shazzyfitness.com and will be shipped in 5-10 business days – plenty of time to get it wrapped and under the tree.

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Kristy McCarley

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