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5 Healthy Eating Tips for 2014

Tips For Healthy Eating

With the New Year right around the corner people will soon be making lists of personal goals for 2014. Every year without fail, living a healthier life is usually at the top of most people’s list. Whether it is to start eating healthier, working out more, or both - overall health is by far the number one New Year’s resolution. If you want your body to look good and feel good here are a few eating tips that we’ve found to be helpful in achieving our own fitness goals:

1. Everything in Moderation

We won’t start by telling you to cut certain things out of your diet. We know how tough that can be. However, if you know you know can’t control yourself around sweets or if you go crazy for all things bread, then you might want to consider reducing the amount you consume. My mom used to say to too much of anything is bad for you. Balance is the key! Also try to add some variety with healthy alternatives to any sugery or high-fat foods that you crave.

2. Portions

I know that on a daily basis we are pushed in many different directions and we don’t have time to eat. If you are like me you are lucky to get in one good meal per day, but that is not good for the body. It is ideal to eat at least five- six small meals a day – instead of three large meals – or four small meals and to larger meals. This will help you from over eating and also help to speed up your metabolism, which helps burn calories and in turn helps to lose with weight - along with working out of course! Also space your meals out by trying to eat every 3-4 hours. That last meal can be difficult but try at least to get five meals in.

3. Preparation is key

We have talked about moderation and portions, but preparing your meals ahead of time will ensure that your portions are right and that you are eating things in moderation. I know a lot of people that prepare all of their meals for the week on Sunday night. Preparing your meals ahead of time will make it easier on you, because you want have to think about what you are going to eat for the day, especially for your smaller meals. You can have them bagged or in Tupperware ready to go when needed.

4. Eat Your Veggies

My favorites right now are asparagus and spinach. We encourage everyone to research and find out what are the exact benefits you get from a bunch of veggies and see which ones match your taste and you physical needs. Also try to get fresh vegetables; stay away from those that have been processed if you can.

5. Listen To Your Body

When you really listen, your body will actually tell you when you a lot. Instead of going straight for food, you might want to try drinking a glass of water first. Many people think they are hungry when their body is really dehydrated.

Remember, working out and healthy eating go hand and hand. So as you continue the journey of healthy eating, keep working out with Shazzy Fitness, and watch your body transform!

If you found this blog post useful or would like to add something, please leave your comments below. Also, we'd love to hear your Shazzy Fitness feedback. You can email us at feedback@shazzyFitness.com.

Be well,


Brittnee Jones

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