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3 Tips to Lose 3lbs Over the Holidays

Women at a buffet

With the holidays among us maintaining weight or weight loss can seem impossible. Folks will be heading to office parties and neighborhood gatherings and everyone will be preparing delicious meals for their families.  Here are 3 tips we’ve found that if used consistently from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, can actually help you to lose weight during the holiday season.

1. Eat Healthy

There are a lot of tempting foods to indulge in, but what if you consciously decided you were going to eat healthier this holiday season? We aren’t saying that you can’t have your favorites, but what if you found a way to make your favorite dishes healthier? There are so many recipes out on the internet with alternative ingredients or just a healthier substitute for some of your favorite meals. One that we like is from Wellness Today and it’s their"101 Healthy Holiday Recipes".

2. Smaller plates

When serving meals or even if you are eating out, try eating on smaller plates. Smaller plate sizes help to trick the mind into thinking you are full. Also eating on smaller plates will help with portion control and cuts back on over eating. Start with your first small plate. Finish and if you feel hungry after that, then you can get more. Smaller plates also cut down on being wasteful.

3. Move

To ensure that you are on your way to weight loss you should participate in some sort of physical activity. What better physical activity to partake in this holiday season than Shazzy Fitness? Shazzy Fitness is an inspirational exercise video program that exercises the body while edifying the spirit.  You can do a Shazzy Fitness workout alone or get the whole family involved. Call some of best girlfriends over pop in a Shazzy Fitness DVD and get to moving. Shazzy is fun, high energy and will help you lose those 3 lbs if you stick with it and the best part is each workout is about 3 mins.

Now, it’s time to eat, drink and be merry :)

Happy Holidays!



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