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5 Funny Reasons God Wants You Fit

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Everyone strives for fitness at their own pace for their own reasons. But staying in shape isn’t always all about you or what you want. God wants you to stay in shape too!

We at Shazzy Fitness believe in faith, fitness and FUN! Here are a few funny reasons we think God wants us fit :)

      1. Get Your “Praise On” Without Needing a Nurse.Sometimes the praises reigning down from the choir stand just get you moving. It’s ok to get off of your feet and get your praise and worship on. But you can’t get your praise on if you need an ambulance to get you down the aisles of the church. Work it out so you can shake and stomp to the melodies of the choir on Sunday morning. Get groovin’!
      2. Catch the Holy Ghost Without Catching A Cramp.  You might be sitting or standing in the pew when the word of God takes over us and you can’t help but to get up and moving.  We all know how catching the Holy Ghost can leave you out of breath, almost like you just did a workout. Keep in shape this year so catching the Holy Ghost doesn’t leave you catching a cramp in the sanctuary - or keep a banana in the car just in case.
      3. Play Kirk Franklin’s “Stomp” Repeatedly Without Getting Shin Splints. This song is a classic. It’s hard to resist following Kirk Franklin’s lead in this one. Sometimes God’s word just makes you want to stomp. So don’t hold back! If you’re like me, this song leaves you dripping with sweat every time. Stomp into shape so you can party with Kirk Franklin and family when this song comes on at the reunion.
      4. Belt it Out in the Choir Stand Without Busting Your Buckle.You better sing … but at your own risk! Those high notes and long rifts can easily leave you out of breath. There’s nothing wrong with leaving it all in the choir stand but make sure you can keep up! You don’t want to be the weak link of the sopranos. Workout and get those lungs in shape for your next solo or performance. Keep fit and you won’t have to worry about needing an intercession during praise and worship.
      5. Run up those steps so you can make it on time this year. Don’t get stuck in the last pew next to the lady whose baby is constantly crying and the aisle that leads to the bathroom. Make that mad dash from the parking lot to the front of the church with ease with a little fitness maintenance. Challenge that family in front of you like they are the only thing between you and the winning lottery ticket!

But seriously, in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 God says “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you were bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.” God wants you to stay fit! So get up and moving!

Here at Shazzy Fitness we really are all about having fun. If you’ve got any comedic takes on why you think God wants you to be fit, please share with us :)

Brittnee Jones

Brittnee Jones

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