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What Everyone Should Know About Dance Fitness

Cristin Candice Photo

I had the opportunity to phone interview one of  my friends that happens to be a Dance Fitness instructor. Cristin Candice is 29 years old, from Cleveland, OH and resides in Quantico, VA. Cristin has done it all from running marathons to bodying building and now she certified Zumba and Mixxed Fit instructor; which are two forms of dance fitness. Her road to health is very inspiring. I spoke with her briefly about dance fitness, how she got started and what everyone should know about dance fitness.Cristin Candice Photo

How did you get started in dance fitness?

Cristin: I got into dance fitness as something to do. I always loved dance and I have been dancing since I was a child. So I decided to take a couple of classes and found it was underwhelming. I wanted to be challenged more so I got my instructors licenses. I’m instructor certified in Mixxed Fit and Zumba.

Describe dance fitness to those that may not know what it is?

CristinDance fitness is an hour of fun. How much dance actually goes on depends on the instructor. There are some classes that for the whole hour all you are doing is dancing. Then there are other classes that incorporate toning and sculpting exercises within the the routine.

Do you feel there is a place for Christian Hip Hop in the dance fitness world?

Cristin: Most definitely! I was invited to teach a Zumba class at one particular church and before going I was warned that they were a little more conservative so I made sure the piece I was showing was conservative. When I got there and had them warming up to Latin instrumentals (music)  they stopped the music on me and asked where was Kirk Franklin. I informed them what Zumba entailed and asked if they would like for me reschedule and find more Latin themed gospel songs. So with that being said, there is definitely a place for Christian Hip-Hop and Gospel music within dance fitness.

What are three things you think everyone should know about dance fitness?Multiple Cristin Candice Photos

Cristin: It’s fun. As an instructor it is nothing like seeing someone who starts out shy and in the back of the class - dancing in front of strangers can be intimidating - work their way to the front of the class.

What is one final thing you want to say about dance fitness?

Cristin: Dance fitness is really a workout. There are some fitness enthusiasts that don’t feel dance fitness is really a workout. I say everybody is different and different people need different things. I have been a runner, body builder, and now dance fitness instructor and I have gotten something different from each one. I know some bodybuilders that wouldn’t last an hour in my dance fitness class and I know some dance fitness students that wouldn’t be able to run a mile. As long as you are up moving and not sitting on your couch. That’s what really matters!


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