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We’re just getting started.

On Monday January 13, 2014, we made our television debut on ‘Atlanta and Company After Noon’ with host Rashan Ali. 

No surprise - Team Shazzy was incredible, as always.  Our newest dancers – Coty and Kristin - fit right in, as if they’d been on with us forever.  I say "us", but our choreographers and the dancers really do all the work.  Two years later and I still stand in awe about how God brought us all together.

Our Shazzy Fitness veterans – Vera, Apollo & Susan – killed every dance move, like they’d rehearsed for months.  In reality, this was somewhat of a reunion for us.  Apollo Levine, who has been out of the country for 5 months, was on holiday break from his Broadway-style show ("The Monkey King") in Beijing, China.  He was here just long enough to reunite with us for our television debut, and what an incredible show it was. Apollo led the show with abbreviated versions of two of the most popular routines on his DVD, A Time to Dance. Vera Musgrove closed us out by leading the final dance with the show's host, Rashan Ali.  Vera's choreography of the popular Bollywood style routine from her DVD, In the Beginning, was the perfect fit for a live demo and the 90 seconds we had left to work with.Apollo on TV set

If you’ve never seen or heard Rashan Ali, she is an amazingly talented woman.  She has the energy of ten people and an infectious smile.  Even though we are sorority sisters (Alpha Kappa Alpha!), I swear I'm not biased.  She owned that stage with Apollo and Vera.  You could literally *feel* the fun they were all having while they were dancing.  Man, we couldn’t have picked a better host if God himself asked us to pick.

As for my part, I think I did an ok job.  Definitely room for improvement. I know I’ll get better each time. I don't give up easily. 

One thing is for sure. There’s no stopping us now. 

We’re just getting started.

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