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February 27, 2014


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Join The Shazzy Fitness 7-Day Health Challenge

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From March 5th - 11th, folks from all over the country will participate in the Shazzy Fitness 7-day challenge to kick off Lent, the season of renewal and reflection.

The Shazzy Fitness 7-Day Health Challenge will officially begin on Ash Wednesday, March 5 2014. Participants will join the Shazzy Fitness community of customers for 7 days of inspiration and motivation. Each day, participants are encourage to do a 10-20 minute workout included on the DVDs designed by Shazzy Fitness instructors.

How can I sign up?

Registration for the Challenge is now closed. If you have the Shazzy Fitness workout DVDs you can still follow along with the workout schedule below.  We also hope you will share your workout progress on our blog and follow us on our YouTube channel where we'll post daily videos. We'd love to hear from you!

Challenge Workout Schedule

March 5 - 11 Workout
Day 1 - Mar 5 Genesis
Day 2 - Mar 6 Victory
Day 3 - Mar 7 Freedom
Day 4 - Mar 8 Triumph
Day 5 - Mar 9 Genesis + Victory
Day 6 - Mar 10 Freedom + Triumph
Day 7 - Mar 11 You choose 2 workouts + Bonus


Kristy McCarley

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