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Learn More About The Shazzy Fitness Intermediate DVD

Watch the video below to learn more about the intermediate-level workout and instructor, Apollo Levine:

Read The Full Video Transcript

What you gain from the Christian Hip-Hop element of the workout is that you get to tap into the spiritual side and you get to have fun and explore that side without really even thinking about it. The “I’m a Believer” workout is kind of special to me because it kind of goes back and pulls from all the dances that I kind of grew up with, but we put our own little twist to it. Dances that I’ve learned since I’ve moved around the country from Indiana, to North Carolina, to Georgia. So you have a little bit of the ATL style in there and the North Carolina style, and you just get to have fun.

What I enjoy most about the African beats routine is that we have our influence from Africa, so you still get to “get down”, but still with our Hip-Hop twist and vibe to it.

With “Our God”, it’s one of those feel good routines. Everything about the DVD is high energy. So, it’s a little bit more intense and more involved and it’s a full body workout, without even thinking about it.

People should buy my DVD cause… I’ll be honest, I’m not one of those people that like getting on treadmills or running in place and being bored. This is actually fun and involved. You get to do it inside your home, grab a couple of people if you want to, but it’s just one of those ways to work out without thinking about it. You just get to have fun.

About Apollo Levine (Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer)

Apollo Levine - Dance ChoreographerJoin Apollo Levine through two intense, fat-burning dance workouts, plus a bonus dance segment infused with Christian hip-hop and Christian rock beats that will make you wanna put every routine on ‘Repeat’! Apollo is a professional actor, performer, choreographer, dancer and music artist. He has worked on several notable shows with various theatre houses including Dreamgirls, Ragtime and Smokey Joe's Café, just to name a few. Apollo also has a recurring role on the hit BET show, "Let's Stay Together".  Growing up the son of a preacher, Apollo learned the importance of seeking God and living a faith-filled life from the time he was born. He is currently busy making history by becoming the first ever African-American actor taking on the lead role of the original theatrical show “The Monkey King” based in Beijing, China.


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