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Watch the video below to learn more about the beginner-level workout and instructor, Vera Musgrove:

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For every work out, or every dance that is presented, there is a different physical benefit. For example, in the “Bollywood” dance, you are going to get a lot of arm work. You are going to feel that work happening. For “Church” you are going to get some dips and some lunges that will help build your leg muscles. In “Living For You” you are just dancing and moving, and that’s great for your cardiovascular system. And then, for “Dancing For You” you are going to get your knees up and that always increases our heart rate.

The routines in my work out have great benefits. The main benefits that I like to highlight are that in some of the routines you are going down, dipping and lunging like in the dance “Church”. So you get to build up your leg muscles. In the “Bollywood” style dance (that’s a Swizzy beat), you get to use your arms and you are working your arm muscles. So, with every dance/move there is a target for a muscle group.

The Christian Hip-Hop element adds so much to the work out. It adds a great energy. So, in addition to the toning aspects of each dance, you also get this huge cardiovascular benefit in every dance. Also, the Hip-Hop Christian music is fun. It’s inspirational. So now, as I’m working out, I’m not focused on “oh no! I have to work out”, but I’m encouraged and uplifted by the music. It’s just amazing.

About Vera Musgrove (Performer, Choreographer, Instructor, Dancer)

Vera Musgrove - Dance ChoreographerGet into the groove with In The Beginning DVD, a beginner-level dance workout that offers family-friendly, easy to learn dance moves, and only includes heart-pounding CHRISTIAN hip-hop songs and beats. This DVD features Vera Musgrove, a five-year veteran and former captain of the A-Town Dancers of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. Vera has over 20 years of dance training experience and has taught a range of dance classes. She has performed for recording artists and special events including Purple Ribbon Artists, Bobby Valentino and the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Shazzy Fitness

Shazzy Fitness

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