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April 01, 2014

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Introducing the Sweaty Executive, Bentina Terry

Bentina Terry

I am SUPER excited to announce that over the next few weeks, we'll have a series of posts from guest bloggers.  It's a pretty big deal for us, because it marks our first official cooperative collaboration with other like-minded souls, and encouraging them to share their amazing life experiences with you, our beloved Shazzy Fitness family.

Each of our guest bloggers has been prayerfully selected and share a similar passion for the same values - high standards, integrity, courage, confidence and most of all, faith. 

Our first guest blogger is my close friend and Alpha Kappa Alpha soror, Bentina Terry. Bentina has enjoyed a long & distinguished legal career and held numerous executive leadership positions over the past 20 years.

I recently asked her to blog about her experiences with balancing life, work and fitness - and much to my pleasant surprise... she said yes! 

Please enjoy :)

Bentina Terry dressed formally

Introducing the Sweaty Executive, Bentina Terry

I've never really written a blog before but I've been working out off and on my entire life.  I am like most folks I meet.  My weight has been something I've had to focus on my whole life and my whole life I've been running, biking, lifting weights, doing aerobics or the latest trend in an effort to keep myself in shape. 

I'd say I'm a workout junkie - I've never met a workout video I haven't tried out from step aerobics to P90X  at home or a class I would not try at least once from spin class to cross fit at the gym.  I've logged hours.  I guess that makes me somewhat obsessed about working out to some people. I'd rather say I have a short attention span and a desire to move my body. 

I love the challenge of the workout and the thrill I get when I've pushed my body somewhere I never thought I'd get to.  I always think that just like its a waste not to use some gift God has given you, it's a waste to not move that body, test it's limits.  I'll never run a full marathon or be a bikini model - I've got no desire to push those particular limits but I will continue to move my body and get the most I can from it in a way that gives me joy.

Anyway, I think that what bothers most of us is that others try to define what that “push” looks like for each of us.  They try to tell us what our own limits should be - where we should get our joy.  Exercising is like everything else in life. Your boundaries are yours to explore and your limits are yours to test.  One of the best quotes I've seen on the internet talks about how when you run you compete against yourself.  That couldn't be truer.  I need that. I sometimes look at those faster than me and I am disappointed that I'm not running beside them instead of behind them.  No matter what you are doing to move, your incremental progress, your milestones are yours to define and celebrate.  

Keep in mind that just as you own the boundaries, your effort to get there, you define your success and you own your results.  I've got a niece who is young, fit and ran track in college and she cannot believe me when I tell her my pace.  I'm sooooo slow, she smirks.  And at times, I burn on that. But then I remember I may be slow but at least I'm out there running...completed two half marathons last year...that pretty doggone good.  I can be proud that I've pushed past my boundaries and tested my limit. Anyway, I hope you find out what success looks like for you and that you push your limits to make it worth your while.  Your own limited by your own effort.  

See ya on the road.

The Sweaty Executive.

Bentina Terry

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Bentina Terry, aka The Sweaty Executive, is a first time blogger, a seasoned lawyer, executive and energy professional.  She is a workout fanatic and blogs about her experiences juggling life's demands and working out, fitness and eating right. 

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Kristy McCarley

Kristy McCarley

1 Comment

Stephanie E. Knight
Stephanie E. Knight

April 02, 2014

Very motivating and inspiring!! Thanks so much Sweaty Executive!! ;)

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