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Fitness Before 50 - It adds up: Introducing Anita

Anita Brenson Smililing



What is your age and birthplace?
Anita Brenson Dancing
I am 49 and I was born in North Carolina.
What is your profession?
I’m an accountant.
Tell me a little about your family. Do you have any children? If so how old? Grandchildren? Are you married?
I have a husband and 2 kids. I’ve been married for 27 years to my husband who I met while we were in college at Florida State. My son is 22 and my daughter is 19. We also have a dog named snowball.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have a real creative side. I love to read action fiction novels. You know, books about spies – the kind where the good guy always wins. I also enjoy running. I’ve actually started a running group with ladies in my neighborhood. I also love to play the piano and cook. I’ve made some crazy concoctions.
How did you find out about Shazzy?
Well I go to church with Kristy and I saw an invitation on the bulletin board for dancers to try out for the Shazzy project. I used to dance in high school in addition to doing gymnastics and running track. I really love to dance so I thought it’d be a lot of fun to tryout. I also loved the Christian appeal.
Tell me about your experience preparing to film Shazzy Fitness.
It was definitely a different experience. I run a lot but dancing uses a lot more muscles than running. I was often sore after workouts. But aside from that it was fun meeting new people and challenging what I already knew how to do. It was definitely a lot of hard work and I lost a couple of pounds in the process but it was great. I still have all of the moves in my head.
What was the most fun moment while working on the Shazzy Fitness DVD?
I’d have to say the tryouts. It was my first day meeting Apollo and Vera and it was nice to see so many people come out and support Kristy. I’m a huge advocate of being healthy and staying healthy so it was very encouraging to see people spread that message - and all different types of people at that. There were younger, older, men, and women who all came and worked great together.
Tell me about your interaction and relationships with the other dancers. The instructors? Kristy?
I keep in touch with a lot of the dancers and instructors through Facebook. I even go to fitness classes with some of them.
Working with Kristy was wonderful. She is dedicated and just excellent.
What is your biggest take away from working on this DVD?
A lot goes into putting together a project like this. My hat goes off to Kristy. She really took a vision that God gave her and put the effort behind it in the production. It made me realize that when God puts the spirit in you, it doesn’t mean that He will do the work for you. It takes a lot to put it into fruition.
What do you like about it?
I like that every level of dancing occurs – there’s a lot of variety. It’s made for young and old people. I also like the music chosen. It’s Christian but contemporary and reaches a different audience than traditional Christian music might.
Why would you recommend it?
I still keep in touch with my high school dance friends and I’ve recommended it to them. It just really reminds me of things I did in high school and its dance moves that I can still do. It makes me feel young and hip. I can have fun dancing while exercising.
Also, it’s just fun and easy to join in. Your friends and kids can work out with you and enjoy the music and style of dance. They will be challenged by the bonus workouts but it really goes for all ages. It’s a very good product.
Why do you think it is important to be fit at 50 and beyond?
The older you get the more mortal you begin to feel. It is important to hold on to longevity. You can still enjoy life and be healthy when you are 60 and 70. But you want to keep your youth. You don’t want to be frail and have limited mobility as you age.


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