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The Sweaty Executive: Time

So I have a very hectic lifestyle.  

I call myself the Sweaty Executive because I am a Vice President for a corporation. My job requires lots of travel, late nights and weekends. While I love what I do, there are times that I just don't have the energy for much else. I have a husband and 2 kids of the four legged variety and I miss them terribly when I am on the road.  When I am home I want to see them.

Also sometimes I want to just veg out - watch mindless TV like the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Top Chef.  I go through periods where I just don't think I have the time to work out - actually I don't even want to work out. And did I mention I love to sleep...and I mean really LOVE sleep.

But a few days a week, I rise at 4:30 am and meet my trainer. Other mornings when I was running before I was injured (I'll discuss that in a later post) I would "sleep in" to 5 and then hit the road. Now I get up and move to some great videos like Shazzy Fitness. When I travel I always take my workout clothes and whether it's yoga in my room on my iPad or some hotel gym I try to get a workout in. With that said, I get it. I get that time is a commodity and not many of us have a lot to spare. I don't have time to work out...I make time to work out.

Now I do all those novel things they tell you - sleep in your workout clothes, have a partner, do it in the morning, reward yourself for doing it, tell your spouse your goals - and I find they are very helpful. I've been "pleasantly" awakened a few mornings by the warm, wet tongue of a long haired chihuahua that my husband has put in the bed to help wake me.  But I've also found that I can and will override all those safeguards if I am not intentional and purposeful about my workouts.

I guess that is what I'd say to those that say they don't have time.  None of us do unless you are filthy rich and don't work for a living and/or not raising a family. We have to MAKE time and I find we always can do that for things that are important to us.

So maybe that's the question we should ask...not “do I have time "but “is it important enough to you to make the time." I know that for me some days it won't be - some times in my life it can't be but on the whole it should be for me.

I'd rather make the time for this then make the time for dealing with what may happen if I don't. That's the funny thing about your health - you either choose to make the time for working out or you'll have to make the time for health issues later. The first is a lot more fun! I hope you'll ask the question for yourself and then ask yourself if you are comfortable with your answer.  

See ya on the road.  

The Sweaty Executive.


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