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It's time to Eat Better, to Eat Together

Eat Better. Eat Together

October is here and fall is in the air!

As we get back to routines, our days get busier and busier. After-school activities, long commutes, homework, and household chores dictate the course of our nights. So when and how do we squeeze in family dinners? If the answer is never or rarely, we need to make an effort to change that. And October is just the time for that change.

October is Eat Better, Eat Together month. It is a time for families to come together and have quality time during dinner. A number of research studies have suggested that eating dinners as a family has many advantages:

You eat less when you eat with others. Often times when we eat alone we are distracted and tend to eat more. But when we eat together we tend to be more relaxed and are more aware of how much we eat.
  • You eat better quality food. Family dinners take planning and as a result you eat healthier making sure you include fruits and vegetables.
  • Children tend to eat better as well. During family dinners children get to see the way their parents eat and will often times follow suit.
  • It's a time when parents can introduce new foods to their kids.
  • Time to get involved with your children. A family meal gives parents the opportunity to find out how their children spent the day.
  • Time to connect. Family dinners gives everyone a chance to connect.
  • It can serve as a stress reliever. You tend to be relaxed and happier when you spend time together with your family.

    So all month long try to come together and eat better!


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