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August 17, 2014


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Dance Move #5 - Apollo's Seven Dance Moves

Dance move #5: Punch & Drop


We're almost to the end of our seven-move series! Today we bring you the Punch and Drop move. Inspired by the Punch and Roll, this move works your core and legs. There are a series of steps to this one so make sure you watch the video above! It'll be tons of fun once you catch the rhythm.


Below is Apollo’s description of the move. Check back tomorrow for the sixth of Apollo's Seven Dance Moves!

"This one is similar to the Pull and Roll. With this move you want to step out to your right as you punch up in the air in the same direction. Then with force, squat and punch down to the floor. Repeat to opposite side. Just for a little more fun stay in the squat position and punch your right arm down in front, then left. Then punch your right arm behind you, then your left. Do this step twice then start again from the beginning. Tighten that core and work those abs."

Shazzy Fitness

Shazzy Fitness

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