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Dance Move #6 - Apollo's Seven Dance Moves.

Dance Move #6: Shazzy Hop

This is what we like to call the Shazzy Hop. Inspired by Apollo's experience with football drills (back in the day), the Shazzy Hop focuses on the core and glutes. Make some room because you'll need some space for this one. Now get to it and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Below is Apollo’s description of the move. Check back tomorrow for Apollo's final dance move!

"In 'A Time To Dance,' I never named this move but it came from playing and watching football. Jump to your right leg, with your left knee up. Then switch over to your left leg, right knee up. Then take three quick steps to the right. Start from the beginning this time starting on your left leg. The pattern should go Right...Left...Right, Left, Right, then Left...Right...Left, Right, Left. You got it! Make sure you get those knees up."


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