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Dance Move #7 - Apollo's Seven Dance Moves.

Dance Move #7: Church

It's our last dance move of the series so we thought we'd take you to church! This move is called Church. Inspired by praise dancing, church works your arms and legs.This full body move is sure to get your heart pumping. Go ahead and get your praise on y'all.

Below is Apollo’s description of the move.

"This is probably the most fun I have on the DVD. Growing up in my kind of church I love seeing people praising God by dancing. This is my take on it. What you want to do, with your arms in a box position is jump back and forth side to side tapping the open foot in front the standing leg. This is where you can be creative. If you go to the kind of church I grew up in, you know what I'm talking about. If not, look up church shouting on YouTube (I'm warning you may not be prepared. Trust me). See what I'm talking about, and then add your own twist to this step.

All in all just have fun, be safe, and dance."

If you missed any of the other moves, be sure to check our blog to catch up! We want to know what you think! So leave your comments below :)


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