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Introducing: Apollo Levine

Apollo Levine - Choreographer, Actor, Music Artist

Apollo Levine - Dance ChoreographerApollo Levine is a native of Abbeville, LA by way of South Bend, IN. He began singing and writing music at the age of 8 and has always loved anything to do with entertainment. His life's dream was to be in movies, star on Broadway, and to produce music. Though a sports player growing up, he would often find himself in numerous singing groups, directing choirs, doing musical theater shows, even starting a step team in high school.

Apollo uses his platform as an entertainer to minister to his friends, family and fans, all while finding a unique balance between the worlds of secular entertainment and Christianity. 

In 2013, Apollo made history as the first African-American actor cast in the lead role of the original Broadway-style show "The Monkey King" based in Beijing, China. Apollo is also the former lead singer for the rock band SteppHeavy, based in McDonough, GA. 

Apollo Levine DancingIn 2010, Apollo started the "Freedom To Be Myself" Movement, which encourages individuals to heal from past struggles and to be confident in their own skin.

The movement also helps people discover God's purpose for their lives and encourages them to start making their dreams a reality. There are many values that Apollo credits to his parents, but the sheer will to be adventurous and never letting anything or anyone stand in the way of what God has planned, is the biggest lesson from his parents that Apollo keeps closest to his heart. Apollo remains incredibly honored and blessed by the gift of ministry that God has given him.

Watch the video below to learn more about the intermediate workout and Apollo:


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