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It's been a long time.

So this is my first blog post in a really, really long while :)

You could say that we’ve been kinda busy LOL.  2014 began with a bang – our first television appearance, still to this day it was the first time we’ve actually performed a routine on-screen.  That was a really incredible experience. It was my first time being on TV – first time being interviewed on TV – and I was SOOOO nervous!

I kept thinking to myself, what if I forget my name? what if I forget what we do?

Isn’t that crazy LOL – how you can make yourself so nervous that you actually forget the things that make you who you are.

Anyway of course it turned out fine. I think I did ok and our team was phenomenal as usual. I am so honored to be part of a team that is so good at what they do and do it with such grace and humility.

But I digress :)

The rest of the year was filled with ups and downs, as with any business. But overall, looking back, we were so very blessed by each and everything that happened. We were told “no” or just simply ignored more times than I thought would ever be possible (seriously, I had many talks with Jesus about that).

But still in the end, I must say that His plan was so much better than mine. We got the news in late December that we had been named one of the “Top DVD Workouts of 2014” by the Chicago Sun-Times. What a surprise and honor that was! And a great way to start the new year.

I don’t know what 2015 has in store for us but I’m very excited about what God’s going to do next.

Romans 1:16

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