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Water Wednesdays - Are you with me?

I must admit that my water consumption has gone through various stages in my life.  There was a time when I virtually drank no water, then a time when all I drank was water.  Eventually I started back to drinking other beverages though and it's been a sort of seesaw for me ever since.

For me, my best appetite for water is when I'm working out.  Either during or after exercise, I'm likely to drink a lot - more than normal, just to stay hydrated.  Other times of day are not so easy though. And the more hectic my schedule gets, the more I tend to drink caffeinated drinks (I'll save my diet coke story for another day), which of course just dehydrates me more. It's a vicious cycle really!

So this month I've decided to take a cue from my good friend Denise over at niecyisms.com. Last year Denise started #WaterWednesday where she asked her readers to commit to drinking only water on Wednesday. Seems like such a simple thing really, I mean it's just one day right? It never seems to amaze me at how difficult taking a first step can be.

What I've learned from our 3 year journey is that everyone, and I do mean everyone, is just human. We tend to look at those that have seemingly achieved success or we think have "arrived" and assume that they have so much discipline, have it all together or maybe even have had it super-easy, while we on the other hand continue to struggle with everyday issues.

Well, we have by no means "arrived", we are very much still a small company with a daily challenge of trying to stay afloat, interesting and relevant. And yes, believe it or not, I still struggle with my own fitness and nutrition goals.  There are many days that I just don't feel like it - and others where I really do feel like it, but somehow I let distractions take over and before you know it the day has gone by or I've eaten way too much of something that isn't good for me.

I know that this is probably something I may always struggle with - and maybe it's supposed to be that way. Maybe I'm supposed to keep pushing, keep trying, so that I inspire others or maybe let others know that they aren't alone.

So this week I've decided to make Wednesday my very first #WaterWednesday, where I will only drink water all day.  Honestly the thought of no coffee in the morning is a little scary, but I'm ready to take the first step.

I hope I get a few friends to join me.  It's always easier doing these things when you're not alone. If you decide to participate, please send us a note on Facebook - we'd love to hear from you!

#babysteps #waterwednesday #lovingmyself #GodIsGood

Be well & Be Blessed,

Romans 1:16

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