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May 01, 2015


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SERV International - Saving Lives One Meal at a Time

About 2 years ago, I was invited to a meeting with my buddies at ECG Productions. It had been about a year since I had first met the guys from ECG and we had already become pretty close, much more friendly than the typical client/vendor relationship.

The guys knew I was still trying to figure out how the heck we could possibly finance the marketing needed for our video so they invited me to sit in on a meeting with another client. That client was Jim Vinyard, Director of PR and Communications Manager at SERV International.

Those that know Jim can attest 100% to what I am about to say. Next to my own husband, this guy is probably the most likeable guy on the planet. He has an infectious smile that instantly lets you know that he has a heart of gold and most importantly, totally exudes the light of Christ.  It's no wonder that he aligned himself with a Christian organization whose sole purpose is to feed the forgotten, the homeless, the poor - mostly children - in Kenya and the Dominican Republic.

I'll leave it to you to find out more about SERV International (http://servone.org). They are an incredible bunch, undeniably doing God's work, in places that you and I will probably never go and in many circumstances in dangerous situations that you and I will never encounter. 

The good news is that even if you can't go there, you CAN make a difference.  It's hard to believe, but even just a donation of $1 can change lives. Here at Shazzy Fitness, we're committing a donation of 10% of every DVD sale from ShazzyFitness.com in May will go to SERV.

In addition, we've created a "Team Shazzy" at the SERV International Global Hunger Run/Walk scheduled for May 30 in Marietta, GA. You can help by joining us at the race or you can learn more about the awesome work that these men and women are doing, saving lives, at Servone.org.

Be well & Be Blessed.

Romans 1:16

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Kristy McCarley

Kristy McCarley

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