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Introducing Our Certified Instructors: Arlethea Scott

One of our first certified instructors, Arlethea Scott, shares her story of weight loss and working out in the way she truly wants.

Arlethea Scott newly certified Shazzy Fitness instructorThe first time I "yo-yoed" in my weight, back when The Biggest Loser was just getting popular, my coworkers decided to start a Biggest Loser Club with the deal that each of us would lose 10% of our weight. A fellow (male) coworker tried to introduce me to the exercise machines—treadmills, ellipticals, and the like—which didn't go over very well. I started escaping to my closet in the mornings to run through a Tae Bo DVD before work, and (albeit reluctantly) kept using the machines during breaks. Along with changing my diet, I was able to meet the club goal.

Arleathea Scott recent graduate of the Shazzy Fitness Christian Hip Hop Dance Fitness instructor certification and training programA friend of mine introduced me to dance fitness at a local YMCA and I fell in love. Before, I had always though that working out meant lifting weights and running. I had been a dancer pretty much all of my life in church and college, so it was a great fit for me. I moved on to Zumba soon after, but my first classes were not very high in intensity, and the instructors' choreography did not match my dance style. But I liked the concept so much that I decided to become certified. I found a fitness family of instructors that shared my need for intensity and started attending their classes. But the lyrics of the music tended to be a bit more risqué than my spirit would allow. I was encouraged by my fitness family to create my own niche by providing a Zumba class with a Christian twist, and so, I started teaching.

By that time, I was closer to my weight goal and Zumba alone wasn't enough for that final push. Because I was teaching the class, my priorities and attention had go to my students while I was teaching. So I started doing Insanity, which was even higher in intensity. However, there was no dancing and I still had a problem with the lyrics of the music. I was also teaching sessions in schools by then, and I struggled with the idea of bringing that kind of music to the youth.

Newly certified Shazzy Fitness Christian hip-hop instructor Arlethea ScottI saw Shazzy Fitness online about a year ago and liked everything they had to offer so much that I contacted the founder, Kristy, and asked her to consider giving live certification classes. I was certified in so many things, but Shazzy was the first to fulfill all of the "bullet points" I had been seeking out. I attended the August certification in Tennessee and now plan on teaching Shazzy Fitness in a studio affiliated with my church, I feel secure and satisfied in the fact that I can now teach youth and adult fitness with no hesitations or convictions.


Are you or someone you know interested in joining the fastest-growing faith-based dance Instructor Team? If you're ready to share the joy of faith and fellowship through fitness, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you :)


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