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Daniel Fasting: Get Control Over Your Life in the New Year

salad and healthy foodIn the New Year, many Christians find themselves challenged to fast in one way or another. Whether you are removing just one thing from your diet like sodas, or something more drastic, fasting is a necessary and beneficial exercise in a Christian’s life. Refraining specifically from food is a discipline that helps refocus our hearts on what truly matters. One of the reasons I like the Daniel fast is that it’s easier to do than a full fast (explaining to your coworkers why you can't eat with them for a month can cause unnecessary office drama), and it is a very health-focused diet.

Now, I use the term diet rather loosely, because a “diet” is simply everything you ingest. A Daniel Fast is in no way to be compared to one of those diets where you’re only allowed to drink hot pepper smoothies and eat cardboard salads. A Daniel Fast is so much more than a fad diet. It’s no question that removing processed foods, fatty meats, and sugars is a healthy undertaking, but it’s vital that you go into it for the right reasons.

processed food at the groceryA Daniel fast at its core is the removal of anything unnatural and processed, as well as anything that might be considered lavish or unnecessary. No meats, no sweets, no dairy, no processed starches. It’s simply a way of whittling our food intake down to what we need and nothing more. It’s a good way to be reminded that food is fuel, a tool to be used for accomplishing our daily tasks.

I find myself often using food as a crutch. How much easier is it to sit around eating cookies and making jokes about our child-bearing hips? I also struggle with emotional eating, so it’s incredibly easy to use food as a tool to avoid dealing with issues the way I should. The Daniel fast is a fantastic way to recalibrate my priorities, and not depend so much on food. The longer I say no to sweets and comfort foods, the clearer my mind becomes. It helps to remember that no matter how delicious the pie is, having the energy to keep a clean house and a happy family is much more satisfying.

lady prayingThere is all kinds of scientific evidence to back up this point, but I will just say this— clean, fresh, unprocessed foods help to create clean, fresh, unprocessed thoughts. When you are putting quality fuel into your body, the result is more energy, clearer thoughts, and a rejuvenated spirit. In my experience, Daniel fasting accompanied by prayer is the easiest way to become a better wife, a better mom, and a better Christian. I’m not bogged down with tiredness or sluggishness. I’m able to do more and feel better doing it.

Food is one of my biggest struggles and forcing my will into submission to make healthier choices always sets my year on the right track. I pray that beginning this year with a fast will be as life-changing for you as it has been for me.

Kayla MilamKayla Milam,a Shazzy Fitness guest blogger, is a freelance writer and online church marketing specialist. She has a wonderful husband and a rambunctious three-year-old who keeps her on her toes. You can find her blog at: goodlordthatsfunny.com.


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