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Always Listen for His Message!

headphones music relax songEver have a song that stays with you and you just can’t shake it? I find myself singing it all day long in my mind, sometimes out loud as I’m in the car, cooking a meal, or showering.

Well, for the past week, I’ve been singing a song that’s about 43 years old! It goes all the way back to when I was in college. When you placed that record on the turntable/record player (for those who remember what a turntable/record player is) everyone would get up on the dance floor! Afros bobbing, fingers snapping and everybody swaying to the rhythmic and smooth sounds of that time.

The song was “(Fallin Like) Dominoes” recorded by Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd I. Donald Byrd was a Jazz, Soul and R&B trumpeter of international proportions. He was also a Professor in many universities in our country including the Music Department at Howard University where he established a group of student musicians to become a fusion group of recording artists with several major hits. His recordings go all the way back to 1955, the year I was born!

headphones albums vinyl recordsHere’s the point of this blog, sometimes there’s a personal message for you in the words of a song that just won’t go away. Yes, sometimes the message is from the Lord. I love music… Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Soul and some Country. I have heard positive messages which have blessed my heart, warmed my soul and inspired me to be a better person from all genres of music. God can speak to us any way He chooses; in His Word, in a sermon, in prayer, in meditation, in music, from people and even from nature. Our responsibility is to be open to hearing from Him and not limit or dictate how He desires to speak to us. Because of His enormous love, He wants to have communication, communion and contact (relationship) with His children.

Satan also knows that God connects with us through music so we must guard our ears with the filter of Godly discernment to protect our hearts and minds. Contrary to the belief of some, not all secular music is sinful; however, more and more we must be alert to the dangers in the lyrics of some popular music in all genres. Often the words can be deceptively subtle and it takes a wise parent to determine what music is appropriate for their ears and the ears of their children.

Satan knows music has the power and ability to penetrate and alter thoughts, change perceptions about life and create challenges in our social and spiritual thinking. It has definitely become a weapon of choice for Satan, especially against our young people. Remember, he comes to “steal, kill and destroy” in any way he can! BUT, when a song is inspired by God it can reach us at our point of need, encourage us to do better, to love others and to change our attitude. Whether life is currently hard or you are experiencing celebration and joy, God speaks to His people through music.

fallen dominoesLet me give you the words to the song, “Hold me tight, don’t let go. Turn me loose, never no – no - no! We’ll line our problems, all in a row, and watch them fall like dominoes!”

Personally, I’ve been in a stage of healing lately. I’m recovering from “physical” ailments, but more from some “relational” brokenness. While I’m still a work in progress and process, I am feeling refreshed, refined and restored. I thank God wholly for my new season! I believe that as God watched over me and saw my growth and spiritual maturity - He is pleased! I got it! I FINALLY GOT IT! I stopped struggling and let Him handle my concern. It was painful, it was hard and I wanted to handle things my way…but I didn’t, I haven’t and I pray I won’t again.

Romans 12:1-2 resonates not only in my mind but in my soul and spirit. “…in view of God’s mercy, offer yourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God…Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is; His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

His confirmation and affirmation message to me were the words from Donald Byrd’s song, “(Fallin Like) Dominoes”: Cynthia, hold me tight, don’t let go. Cynthia, turn me loose never no - no - no! Give me your concerns, I’ll line your problems all in a row and (together) we’ll watch them fall like dominoes!

When a song is inspired by God it can reach us at our point of need, encourage us to do better, to love others and to change our attitude. I read this quote that is unauthored but I share it with you, “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Cynthia Jones is a child of God, wife, mom and Shazzy Fitness guest blogger. Cynthia has led several Women’s Ministries for over 30 years; she and her husband serve all over the country, mentoring and teaching couples how to love & grow according to God’s design for Christian marriage.


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