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Five Weight Loss Facts You DON'T Want to Know!

losing inches with Shazzy FitnessAs you embark on your weight loss journey, seeking out the latest diet tips and tricks is often a top priority. With countless health hacks and random nutrition information spreading throughout the internet and social media these days, knowing how to lose weight efficiently seems like a walk in the park.

However, despite widespread, accessible health and nutrition knowledge, many are still surprised when they encounter bumps and hurdles on their road to a fit body. The realities of losing weight are undeniable. Being aware of these challenges can help you achieve your dream body sooner.

Here are five weight loss facts you may not want to know:

1. Losing weight is not an overnight process. It will take a while to drop the pounds successfully. Forget about the crazy fad diets that promise results in two weeks; losing weight by drastically cutting back on calories and eliminating certain food groups will only work in the beginning. Being healthy is a lifelong commitment based on balanced nutrition and regular exercise. If you eat nutrient-dense foods, limit your intake of salty and sugary foods, and exercise as often as you can, the pounds will come off slowly but surely.

ice cream craving struggle is real2. Expect heightened temptations and cravings. When the hunger pangs kick in, burgers, pizzas, chocolates, and desserts will seem very enticing because dieting can leave your body in a state of temporary deprivation. Learning to condition the mind is essential in these instances. Choosing the healthier alternative is always a great hack to fight off the food temptations. For example, if you are craving ice cream, choose a healthier frozen yogurt option instead!

3. A big weight loss, especially without much exercise, may leave you with saggy skin. This is why many weight loss plans recommend physical activity such as aerobic exercise and strength training. Exercise will aid in toning the body and building muscle.

4. Losing weight is a mind over matter game. It takes more thinking and motivation to do. Weight loss encompasses both biological and psychological change. The reason many people fail to lose weight is that their minds aren’t in on it. proper mind control is key to weight lossThey lack the proper mindset and motivation to control what they eat and how often they exercise. Successful dieters are those that have kept themselves motivated and empowered throughout their journey, improving not only their bodies, but their way of thinking as well.

5. The true challenge when losing weight isn’t shedding the pounds, but keeping it off. Many people successfully lose weight for some time, but then gain it all back after a while. In reality, dropping pounds is only the beginning of the journey. The real struggle comes when you have reached your desired weight yet must keep motivating yourself to continue the active and healthy lifestyle.

The good news is, losing weight gets easier when you think of it as a lifestyle rather than a temporary diet plan. So invest in yourself and keep working towards the healthy life!


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