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Foster Your Community: Meet Eulice Hooper!

eulice hooper certified shazzy instructorHello, my name is Eulice Hooper and I am a Shazzy Instructor in Atlanta, GA. I am currently a substitute elementary school teacher and Dance Teacher of ballet, jazz and tap.

I chose to be a Shazzy Instructor after I kept seeing the advertisements online. In late 2011, I had gotten the courage to try teaching Zumba, which opened up a whole new world for me. That lasted for a few years — it was my first time doing dance fitness and I loved it. It was also my first time being self-employed and having to really market myself!

To be honest, I had no desire to get certified again with another organization; I liked freelancing. But I had been praying for opportunities to use my passion for dance and exercise and also discipleship in a way and in the timing of the Lord. So I looked into the advertisements on Facebook and applied. After hearing Kristy’s heart I knew it was meant to be!

The opportunity to merge my passions for health and fitness, wholeness inside and out, and dance (which is like a universal love language) is Shazzy all wrapped into one! When I read the intent behind the name Shazzy — which people ask me all the time — I am so grateful to offer before the Lord the gifts he has given me. What a privilege to be able to use my body as an instrument in the Redeemer's hands and no longer for purposes that are solely self-serving!

shazzy instructor eulice hooper class teaching winter fitness

One way I believe Shazzy can change lives is fostering a depth of community for others feeling like they are alone on their journeys. They should see the joy and freedom we have through serving Christ in a fun way!

I just applied to work at our new stadium as Dance Instructor in the new year. I also teach a few classes at my church. The ladies have been begging me to start classes after our Ladies' Retreat a few months ago, where I led a class for our morning recreation. I am looking forward to offering my gifts to our community!


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