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Happy Father's Day: A Message to My Brothers

I pray God’s best blessings to all of our Brothers as we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day!

Recently, my husband and I were watching an animal program. A very unassuming water buffalo got separated from his herd and found himself alone. In his unfortunate state, he came face-to-face with a group of lionesses. At first, he saw only a couple of big cats -- he appeared confident that he could handle them. He was strong, powerful, and his long horns and broad shoulders suggested he was a mature beast! He stood boldly waiting for the attack as they circled him. But within moments the feline predators emerged out of the brush and multiplied in numbers, strategically executing their ferocious attack!

His attackers focused on two areas, the neck and his hind legs. I understood the neck, because that’s where his jugular vein is. They wanted to make him bleed out; however, I did not understand why the hind legs were part of their strategy. My husband said if they can get him to the ground, they can begin the suffocation process. As long as the water buffalo could stand he could fight. And fight he did, goring and slinging the lionesses off of his back and kicking them. He was a truly valiant warrior. He fought as if he had been in battle many times. But, he could not withstand the determined efforts of these lionesses who had a purpose: to get food for their cubs. These mothers were relentless and ruthless, persistent and preserving in accomplishing their goal which was to steal, kill, and devour! Soon the mighty water buffalo went down, never to rise again. My husband said if a predator can get their prey “BOOTS UP” they will get the victory.

Brothers, here’s what I learned from watching the animal show as it relates to Fatherhood:

  1. Don’t ever think Fatherhood means you have to go it alone. Everyone needs support, encouragement, and help from time to time. Especially as it relates to Parenting. It can be hard but not impossible. In fact, it can be one of the greatest and most rewarding accomplishments in your life! Surround yourself with godly men in a Men’s Bible Study or Father’s Support Group. I suggest you find at least one man you respect that you can link up with for prayer as an accountability partner. No man is an island. We all need someone to connect with.
  2. The Enemy is out there! He is real and his goal is to destroy families. Be assured he does and will come to steal, kill, and destroy. His game plan is to start with the head of the family, fathers. Fathers are expected by God to be the spiritual head of their households. Don’t find yourselves “boots up” and exposed because you have allowed the enemy to attack your Achilles’ heel. Stay in God’s Word. Rely on its wisdom as a Spiritual Weapon. This will keep your mind fortified and keep your heart filled up so you will not sin against God. The mind is a key entry point Satan uses to distract you from your responsibilities, to steal your focus, and create divisiveness.
  3. Don't get distracted. What keeps you from leading your family and protecting them from the enemy? Is it busyness, the constant climb for success that leaves little time to be at home? Is it a passion, addiction, or excessive amount of time spent on video games, golf, or watching ESPN? These are the places where the enemy will infiltrate, contaminate, and strike to bring you down and render you useless to your family. Distraction is a hind-parts attack that leaves your family vulnerable. Once you are down, absent, or distracted, the enemy will continue his attack throughout your entire family! As Christian Fathers, God has given you the responsibility to imitate Christ by your love, words and actions. You are challenged to replicate His characteristics as a loving husband to your wife and children. Teach them to love God, honor their Mother and show them what a godly Father looks like through your walk.
  4. Don't roam too far from home. Good fathers are present, remain connected and know what’s going on with their family. They never assume all is well. They would never leave their wife to carry the load alone. Children desire to see their fathers at their recitals, concerts, games, and graduations. A good father is not only available, but he guides and leads his family to honor God.

Praise God for fathers who are Mighty Men of Valor, who wholeheartedly seek to please God by honoring their roles as Fathers and Husbands. They understand that LOVE is an action word. Godly Fathers are determined to live in truth. These men are not perfect, but prevail with prayer & determination and refuse to give up. A Godly Father knows, unlike the water buffalo, that “No weapon formed against him will prosper!”

My Brothers, I pray that you will never find yourselves “boots up” as you strive to live righteously, provide sacrificial love for your families and honor God. God bless you for your courage and commitment to your families. We honor you today and every day!

Cynthia Jones is a child of God, wife, mom and Shazzy Fitness guest blogger. Cynthia has led several Women’s Ministries for over 28 years; she and her husband serve all over the country, mentoring and teaching couples how to love & grow according to God’s design for Christian marriage. Subscribe to our newsletter and get awesome updates on faith, fitness, fun, family and fellowship!


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