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How To Turn ANY Space Into A Home Gym!

If you have enough room in your home to walk around, you have enough room for your very own home gym. Some of us have a whole room or basement with enough room for benches, treadmill, stationary bike, full body machines and everything needed to feel like we are at a full service facility. Others of us may not have an entire room to dedicate to fitness equipment. We have just enough space to move around in and no space for bulky equipment. Either way we can still have space for our own home gym.

The truth is you can get a full body workout with little or no equipment. There are so many options available to us today. So with a little research and a little creativity you can set up your own home gym.

Manufacturers realize that in the busyness of today’s world many of us cannot get out to the gym on a regular basis and home is where our workout will be. They also know that some of us don’t have the space or don’t want to use our space for bulky exercise equipment, so they design equipment that can be folded up and stood in a closet or slid under a bed.

One of the greatest advantages to having your own home gym is that you choose equipment not only to fit your space, but also to fit your budget! You could start out with a set of resistance bands, that you can use for a full body workout, for under twenty dollars. There are even portable gyms that come in a case that open up and turns into a platform, to which you connect bands and stand on to get a full body workout, which cost just under $200.

There are so many great pieces of equipment to choose from that can be stored in a closet or under the bed when space is limited. In addition to resistance bands, which can take the place of a set of various size weights, there are weighted bars, ab wheels, aerobic steps and so much more. You will always have the option to add or change pieces as your needs change!

On the days when you want to do your cardio workout, your space becomes your studio. Using your choice of electronic device, you select a video and bring in your video friends for any fun fitness class you choose.

So, whether you have a whole room to dedicate or just enough room to move around, a lot of money or a little, by doing your research, assessing your needs and being creative, you can turn any space in your home into a home gym!

Andretta BondAndretta Bond is a Shazzy Fitness guest blogger, master trainer, fitness instructor, and personal trainer on a mission— to fulfill the Great Commission by showing that true fitness is threefold: spirit, soul, and body.


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