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Introducing Our New Shazzy Fitness Instructor from Canada, Lisa Wesley!

As a child, I was quite active in gymnastics and any sport I could play.  As a teen, I was active and fit. My 3 favorite sports were volleyball, basketball, and baseball.  But my most favorite form of exercise (even though I didn’t see it as exercise) was dancing, and it still is today. My family would attend family dances regularly and I would dance the whole evening, trying not to miss a single dance (unless it was a slow song). Now, as an adult, and as a Christian, I find it hard to find opportunities to dance. And as a wife, mother of 3, and a full-time bus driver, there is even less opportunities to dance, let alone exercise in any form, and my energy and motivation is often low. I sway during worship and sometimes add a little bounce to my groove, but that’s about all.

My drive to become fit again goes up and down with each day and I haven’t found a routine that has kept me motivated. I would like the drive back to be the fit person I once was. I feel that if I need to exercise, I want to at least enjoy it. I joined an adult hip-hop class about 6 years ago and loved it. I stayed for 4 years, but with each year, I was realizing that I was enjoying the secular music too much and felt I needed to find music that would please and honour God. I quit taking hip-hop lessons 2 years ago now and I miss it. I began searching for Christian hip-hop and came across Shazzy Fitness. I liked the sound of the music and the moves looked clean yet fun. I also like the fact that the name comes from Belteshazzar, a great story of trusting in God.

So here I am, becoming a Shazzy Fitness instructor. My plan is to be able to teach free Shazzy Fitness classes to my church family, as well as using it as an outreach for others in our community. I hope that I can inspire others while being inspired myself, motivate, while being motivated and help others reach their goals, while I do the same.

I am thankful that Shazzy Fitness is available to me in Canada and hope that this is a start to a whole new me. With God, all things are possible! God Bless you!


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